Thursday, June 28, 2018


Man, this was weird. Earlier this evening I was stopping my car in the alley to open my garage door and there was a guy standing next to the dumpster holding a copy of Malo's first album. Weird because I was just listening to it last night, and I don't spin that sucker very often. So I said to the guy, "Snag that one, that's a great album. I just listened to it last night". After giving one of those semi-astonished looks he nodded in agreement, then a smile came across his face, and he said "Suavecito". Wow. This guy was way younger than me so I was surprised that he knew the song. He was Mexican so my guess is that he knew it from an older relative or something.

So after pulling my car in and closing the door, the guy says, "Do you want it? I don't have a record player. It's pretty clean." Hell, I'm not going to pass on that. Then he said, "They are good. Them and El Chicano." Fuck,  I had just listened to El Chicano last night as well. Then, at almost the same time, we both said "Viva Tirado". Dude. As he walked down the alley, he said "Take it easy brother." It was just about the perfect length of a conversation. And tone. If it got to Santana we would have been there all night. Wait. The Premiers or Thee Midniters? We'd be there until next Tuesday.

These two songs were of the same era, early seventies. "Suavecito" is breezy as fuck. "Viva Tirado", completely badass, different genre but "Rumble" worthy goosebumps, when that organ really comes in. Hot afternoon "Rumble".

Malo - Suavecito mp3 at ATumblr (?) 1972
El Chicano - Viva Tirado mp3
at Groove Addict 1970. Note: the mp3s seem to be safe, but beware of the full LP downloads. Some of the links have been hijacked.


bing stills said...

Suavecito is a great song from the early 70s. Sounds like Summer. The group included Carlos Santana's brother, I think.

Tom G. said...

Malo did include Carlos's brother, and you're absolutely right about it sounding like summer. That's what I was thinking when I heard it again a few days ago, Thanks for commenting Bing, don't be a stranger!