Monday, October 18, 2021


Remember when you used to go digging through records at a thrift store and you'd occasionally run into something oddball and cool looking and after further digging find others of the same vintage and genre? You start thinking that maybe someone died or they were just cleaning out the garage. You just scoop 'em up for next to nothing and hope for the best. I can understand how that can happen. I'm sure I have 45s that I don't remember I have, don't remember where I got them and haven't listened to in years. Revisiting 45s that have slipped from the living room playlist is one of those things that I've put off because you can only do it every few years. Because your tastes might change over the years, some of the records that you initially liked might sound like shit when you go back and listen to them again. But the opposite can happen too, and I know that probably at least a quarter of the 45s I own were bought on a whim, you know, they were cheap and had a good title or band name. It would take a lot of time to go through them and search for good ones that I forgot were there or was not in the mood for back when I bought them. And I know it's lazy looking for them online, and kind of cheating, but then again there's always a chance that someone else has found a stash in one of those places that still have low hanging fruit in their local thrift stores.

Here's a few I've run into recently and they are definitely not of this era. De Maskers have been here before but it was with the others and it's good so listen to it. Dutch fuzz. Jerry Colonna is the asshole in the bar and Don Carson is a just a complete fucking dog. That leaves the Deuce Coupes, a non-existent band made up of studio hired guns. A good cross section from that pile over there.


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