Saturday, August 31, 2013


Here's two early cuts from Reverend Beat Man, from the mid-nineties when he was performing as Lightning Beat Man. These aren't really a revelation, they're really just an excuse to go off about him, as has been done here before. In short, he's a nut, sounds like he sprinkles gravel on his pancakes, been involved in a number of raunchy Swiss bands, performed solo as a one man band, and he runs a record label. He's like a cartoon character that's come to life. Though, if you see interviews with him, the guy is sincere about the music that's influenced him. If his music sucked, you'd be tempted to call him an outsider, if the litmus test for outsider-ness is to be compelled to do things just to do them, because he makes music that's not going to make anybody rich. Think of it as Clarence "Frog Man" Henry getting drunk, and stealing the Black Keys equipment after staying up all night listening to Hasil Adkins. Or maybe not.

Here's the two by him as Lightning Beat Man, and two as Reverend Beat Man; "Come Back Lord" because that's the one that made me take notice way back when, and "It's a Beat Man's World", because it'll give you an indication of what kind of nutty shit he's made of. If you dig these, check the old posts linked below, because there's a whole lot of his stuff, solo and with other bands. His videos are a riot as well (again, see the old posts). At the very least, you should listen to that first one, "Apartment Wrestling Rock 'n' Roll Girl", notable because it's one of very few songs to feature a jaw harp solo, and it is gloriously lame. My type exactly.

Lightning Beat Man - Apartment Wrestling Rock 'n' Roll Girl mp3 at VooDoo Rhythm
Lightning Beat Man - I Wanna Be Your Pussycat mp3 at VooDoo Rhythm
Reverend Beat Man - Come Back Lord mp3 at Go Retro
Reverend Beat Man - It's a Beat Man's World mp3 at Big Rock Candy Mountain 
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