Sunday, August 25, 2013


If you're at all into rhythm and blues and soul, here's a treat. A handful from Sue Records, a New York label whose gravy years ran from the late fifties through the early sixties. They had a pretty impressive roster, one that included Jimmy McGriff, Charlie & Inez Foxx, Huey "Piano" Smith, Don Covay, Elmore James, Larry Williams, Lee Dorsey, Billy Preston, Barbara Lynn, Ike and Tina Turner, Bob and Earl, and Gary U.S. Bonds. Their actual discography is a little confusing though, and I'm far too lazy to figure it out. While they had their own roster, some of their output was licensed from other labels. To further confuse things, they had a licensing deal with Island Records, wherein Island would release their stuff on a UK version of the Sue imprint. Compounding that mess, Island put out some stuff on their version of Sue that had nothing to do with the US version. Yeah, see what I mean. All of that collector minutia just gets in the way anyway. 

The thing I dig about these is that they sort of bridge the gap between R&B and soul, or at least part of it. They're varied, and all top notch. Groove Addict posted the songs below and links to all four discs of the set The Sue Story. If you plan on going that latter route, note the following: You will have to go through AdFlip, which is a minefield. Do not click any thing, except the button on the top right of the screen. Wait for the "please wait" countdown to end and then click on "Skip Ad". You're through hurdle one. The rest of the route gets even tougher. I threw in the towel, just too many deceiving links and pop-ups. Shine that, I'll just add the whole set to the never ending list. Anyway, check these fine jams.

Eloise Carter - My Man Rockhead mp3 at Groove Addict Disc 1
Barbara George - Send For Me (If You Need Some Lovin') mp3 at Groove Addict Disc 2
The Soul Sisters - Loop de Loop mp3
at Groove Addict Disc 3
Pancho Villa & The Bandits - Ain't That Bad mp3
at Groove Addict
Sandra Phillips - You Succeeded mp3
at Groove Addict
Ike & Tina Turner - Stagger Lee & Billy mp3
at Groove Addict Disc 4
Sue Records
at Wikipedia

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