Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Time for a heads up. You might have noticed, one of the sites that's been linked to often here is If you've followed a link from here, gone there and thought it dated because of the design, or passed because most of it's in French, let me fill you in on something. You need to dig deeper. If you like rockabilly, early rock 'n' roll, or country and western, it's probably the most comprehensive site you're going to find in terms of artists represented. It's the labor of love, by just one French guy, Gérard "Rocky" Lambert. He is to be applauded. Outside of short artist bios, cut and pasted from different sources, there is little written content. But, holy shit, does he have the goods.

I thought it time for a sort of "How to" guide, to make it easier to navigate his site. Believe me, it'll save you time. The lay of the land: Go there and take a look at it. The web layout that he uses used I believe is called "frames". Haven't seen them much of anywhere in years. This tells you that our man of the hour is a "fuck it, it works" kinda guy. Cool. Now, check his contact page. There's some shots of him looking like a regular guy. That is if you were a regular guy from Arkansas plopped down in the middle of France. (Not a fan of the presence of Confederate flags in some photos, but maybe over there it doesn't carry with it the same connotations). Regardless, I could see having a beer or six with him.

The goods: Click on "Discography". It'll open alphabetic selections. Now here's where you should deviate from what you'd probably instinctively do. Yes, there are many, many names there that you will know. But think differently. Once you make an alphabetic selection, to the right of the artists name, is the type of music. If you like rockabilly, look for that, but look for a name you don't recognize. Then check the thumbnail. Old photo, great (the odds are better). Check the icons next to the name, if there's a speaker gif, there's music. Just go to the artists page for the songs. (Some are just snippets, but most are full songs.).

Repeat that process and you'll soon realize that it's exactly what Rocky-52 is all about. Turning you on to artists you've never heard. Merci Rocky Lambert. You rule.

Three Rocky taught me:
Junior Thompson - Who's Knocking? mp3 at
Art Adams - Rock Crazy Baby mp3 at
Acorn Sisters - Real Gone mp3 at

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