Saturday, August 24, 2013


A zillion years ago, while traveling around Europe and taking full advanage of the Eurail pass, I went from Berlin all the way to Florence in a single jaunt. When I arrived at the pensione where I would be staying, I was wearing a shirt with the P.i.L. logo on it. There was a woman seated at a table in the common area. Before we even introduced ourselves she said "Hey!", and lifted up her sweatshirt. She was wearing the same T-shirt. Her name was Harriet, and she was from Brisbane, Australia. She had curly red hair, tied back but still dangling. She was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt over the T-shirt and well fitting, but not hoochie tight, jeans. I remember these details because our passings over the next few days would be an awesome respite, on a trip where I'd met few music fiends. The kicker? She worked in a record store. Yep, you know it. Instant music crush.

She asked if I liked any Australian bands. After making a point to share my distaste for Men At Work (it was the eighties), I told her that I really, really liked the Saints. "I used be roommates with Chris Bailey".(Bailey was the Saints' lead singer) And so on. The more I talked to her, the more it was getting all Love Potion Number Nine up in there. Interactions that followed over the next few days only intensified the crush. She was a great conversationalist. Days later, poof. Ever since then, whenever I hear the Saints, I don't think about how lucky she was to have lived with Chris Bailey. I always think of how lucky Chris Bailey was to have lived with Harriet.

The Saints - I'm Stranded (1976) mp3 at Inside Pulse


Sonny said...

Thought you might like to know, the correct title of 'No, Your Product' is actually 'Know Your Product.'

Tom G. said...

F'n A, I knew that, but didn't even notice I did that! Thanks for pointing that out.

Pierre said...

She just disappeared like that? No number, no plans to meet up 9 years later, a la Before Sunrise, nothing? Oof, that's a doozy. If only you'd grown up in the information age. But hey, I guess the story would be much less romantic if you did.

missjulied said...

No, the song posted here is "No, Your Product". "Know Your Product" is a different song, both on the same album.

"Know Your Product":

"No, Your Product":

Tom G. said...

Fuggit, I'm just gonna go rock out.