Thursday, June 11, 2015


It's been over a year, so my assumption is that at least one crop of peagreens has passed through here without having been exposed to Reverend Beat-Man. So here, a gravel voiced ex-wrestler and true believer. Another version of blues, sort of. More like the color of a bruise.

It's a two for one sale, the first solo, and another with one of his bands, the Monsters. If these get you worked up, there's several more at the other pages linked below.

Reverend Beat Man - Come Back Lord mp3 at Go Retro
The Monsters - I'm a Record Junkie mp3 at Voodoo Rhythm
More Beat-Man and Monsters here
Lightning Beat-Man here Pre-ordained
Reverend Beat Man's bio at Voodoo Rhythm
Voodoo Rhythm Records


Anonymous said...

Hung out with the Reverend and the Monsters at the Muddy Roots festival in TN last summer. Googling Beatman is actually how I found your blog.

Tom G. said...

Wow, that's cool. I guess all this tagging stuff works. And doubly cool that you got to hang with 'em. I can't believe he/they aren't better known. He's like zef-abilly.

espen E. said...

Man, if you ever get the chance to see Beatman live, jump on it!… When The Monsters came to town, some three or four years ago, I hadn’t heard too much of what they’d put out, and was left a bit lukewarm by what was on their MySpace page, so when Annette and the rest of the party scrambled off to see them, I stayed home clearing beercans. Sure, afterwards everybody was raving about the gig… Yeah, yeah – I’ve seen enough crappy bands being raved about – both before and after less than average performances – to know the only opinion worth shit is usually my own. Usually.

Okay. So about a year and a half ago we (TBMTY) were booked for a local garagerock weekender ( where Rev. B also was billed (he was on the night after us, so there was no introduction or hanging out backstage). All I can say is I deeply regret not going to see The Monsters that other time… ‘Cause Layers, Tom – there were Layers, I swear. Comedy, drama and tragedy all rolled into one intense musical one-man package. Layers of Ugly, Layers of Beauty… and although he apologized right away for playing «SooperStoopidRockAndRoll» there was something about the whole mix that really moved me.

Now maybe I brought some of those layers with me, or was layer-prone that night, or whatever, but hey, that still counts, as long as it was triggered – it’s all in the nature of subjective experience: = The Bottom Line. And I can tell you this; the amount of times I’ve gone up and shook somebody’s hand after a gig and told them they gave a great performance and some of the other stuff I just wrote (re: Layers), is less than the number of digits on the hand I shook Rev Beatman’s with that night. If that makes any sense.


Tom G. said...

Hey E, I trust you've seen the post I did linking back to this one, with your qualified comments about Beat Man. I like how you described it, layers
. I know what you're talking about there. "Now maybe I brought some of those layers with me, or was layer-prone that night, or whatever, but hey, that still counts, as long as it was triggered – it’s all in the nature of subjective experience": that says it all right there. I've been to shows like that, where you're left wondering if it affected anyone quite as intensely. One particular show comes to mind, the Blasters when they had the whole squad, Gene Taylor on piano and Lee Allen on sax. I love the Blasters and all, but this one particular show gives me goosebumps just thinking about it now. I went to the back of the hall just to observe the whole scene and the amount of communal joy in the room left my jaw on the floor.