Monday, June 22, 2015


Jerry Lewis is not known for musical ventures. (The comedic actor Jerry Lewis, not Jerry Lee Lewis, hotshot proofreader.) He did release at least one LP (Jerry Lewis Sings), but I haven't heard it. But after seeing the clip below, I'm convinced. He coulda been a contender. As Chuck Berry wrote in "Little Queenie", if it's a rocker, I'll admit it, and this one, though short, is. Then again, my kind of rockers include nut cases of every type. If I have room on my plate for the Legendary Stardust Cowboy or Hasil Adkins, why not an actor? I don't give a shit what your day job is. If you can wig out for a couple minutes, that's good enough.

Bonus beat:
Jed Clampett - Oh, Baby, Yeah Baby at YouTube Rockin' the Danelctro twin neck.

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