Monday, March 17, 2014


Well here we go, this'll go to show what a small world it is. A week or so ago, there was a comment left on the post about Moondog, from a guy in Norway who wanted to let me know that his twelve year-old son was looking over his shoulder while he was checking that post out, and ended up giving a presentation about Moondog to his English class. Oh, to be a fly on the classroom wall during that, right? I'm not lying when I say that it made my week just thinking about it.

Yesterday, the same guy, whom I now know as Espen Egeland, left a comment on an old Gravedigger V post, mentioning that his band had opened for them a while back. Gravedigger V is a garage band I'm very familiar with, having seen them on a regular basis back in the eighties, when they were part of the San Diego garage scene that also spawned the Tell-Tale Hearts. So, I thought, what the hell, let's dig a little deeper. I go to his band's Facebook page and before I even check out what they sound like I see a post about a recent issue of Ugly Things, a magazine put out by Mike Stax, a guy who I've known for roughly...let's just say decades. So, things are all in place for me to check out his band. Guess what? They rip.

I love it when this sort of stuff happens. Because this twelve year-old from Norway, whom I now know as Isak, took the initiative to do a report on Moondog, his classmates were turned onto Moondog, and I was serendipitously turned me on to his dad's band.

The Better Men Than You - Action Woman at YouTube
The Better Men Than You - My Brother, The Man at YouTube
The Better Men Than You at Facebook


espen e. said...

Hi Tom! Wow! I'm honored!

Have been checking your blog quite regularly for probably three years or so, and had it as default home page on my browser the last couple… So; flipping open my laptop this morning, I have to say the entry above took a few seconds to compute :).

Isak and his little brother had a good laugh over breakfast: "Hey! It's YOU!" – "Damn right it is, AND CHECK OUT THAT HEADLINE, SUCKERRRRS!!!".



Espen E. said...

PS: One of the comments for the crudely put together TBMTY "Action Woman" video you linked to, is from the original singer of THE LITTER – Denny Waite!! I thought that was pretty cool first time I saw it – still do!


Tom G. said...

Ha! That first comment had me snorting coffee through my nose! As my Irish upstairs neighbor would say "Guud un ya!"

Wait, Denny Waite?! [cymbal crash] That is cool!