Monday, March 24, 2014


When the Ventures played in Japan in 1962, they probably never imagined what they would leave in their wake. Japanese kids went apeshit, ditching their formerly hip acoustic guitars in droves. Overnight there were all sorts of Ventures-like bands crawling out of the woodwork. And some of them were good, really good, particularly if you like your imitation Ventures a little over the top. Take a listen to a few of the Takeshi Terauchi cuts below. Clearly he can pick. After you hear a couple, you'll start to notice a bunch of other things. Things like the organ, which there is quite a bit of, really just an enjoyable diversion. There really isn't anything that can distract you from the fact that this guy loves his whammy bar. He also likes throwing an excited word in every now an then, often times a single "Yoo!!". I happen to like the beginning of "Caravan", an exchange that goes something like this: "Let's Go!" "Yeah, yeah, yeah!", "Heeyyyy" "Ya!!" Sparse as they are, I don't think you could possibly find more fitting lyrics.

To label Terauchi a Ventures imitator is selling him short. Sure, he's got some of that in there, but he's got Dick Dale and Chet Atkins in there too, whether he ever heard them or not. Phil Baugh or Jimmy Bryant? Hell, I'll throw in a Joe Maphis as long as I'm dredging my memory for hot shit pickers. He made not have ever heard any of them, but that'll give you an idea of what he sounds like. He's nuts. 

Beware of the Blog has posted quite a bit of his stuff over the past few years, but today I noticed one at Radio Diffusion International that I don't remember seeing, from the record awesomely titled Ultra Punch Deluxe. There's a few other Japanese eleki bands over there too. Though nowhere near as potent as Terauchi, they will give you an idea of why he stuck out like a sore thumb. Just plain nuts.

Takeshi Terauchi - Kanjinncyou mp3 at Beware of the Blog
Takeshi Terauchi - Genruko Hanami Odori mp3
at Beware of the Blog
Takeshi Teraushi - Sabre Dance mp3
at Beware of the Blog
Takeshi Terauchi - Caravan mp3
at Beware of the Blog

Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys - Flying Guitar mp3 at Radio Diffusion Intl
The Sharp Five - Golden Guitar mp3 at Radio Diffusion Intl
The Spacemen - Swim Swim Swim mp3 at Radio Diffusion Intl
The Spacemen - Che Che Che mp3 at Radio Diffusion Intl
Full LPs:
Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys - Let's Go Classics LP
(classical covers, 11 mp3s, right click song titles) at Beware of the Blog
Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys - This is Terauchi Bushi LP
(12 mp3s, right click song titles) at Beware of the Blog
Yuzo Kayama and Takeshi Terauchi with  the Launchers - Black Sand Beach at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban From the 1965 film, Eleki No Wakadaisho. Dig the drummer, it's that goofy Masanari Nihei from the Science Patrol in Ultraman!


Espen E. said...

Konichiwa Tom-san! Wow – insistent, this Takeshi T. … Only-in-Japan-wacky to be sure! Talk about punching above your (his) weight!

And; almost missed the small print (re: Black Sand Beach) concerning Masanari Nihei (didn't recognize the name, but "Science Patrol" rang a bell)… Glad I didn't:

Just ran the clip by the boys ("give me a shout when you see a familiar face, rodents!"), and guess what? Jupp, they nailed it! No biggie really, as Ultraman (complete series on 4 DVDs) has been on HEAVY rotation in the Egeland home in recent years. Young Renaissance Man (YRM) and his natural-born nutcase little brother (6) give you two times two thumbs up for that one. Thanks!

Take it easy T!


Tom G. said...

Man, I was hoping that someone who knew Ultraman would get a kick out of that. Of course it would be you and your mob. And I'm duly impressed by their choice in superheroes.

I must have a variation of that same set you have, but mine's labeled "Series One Volume One" and is two discs. No worries there, I have all I need. I don't want to see a later possibly slicker version.