Saturday, March 22, 2014


The hippies that live in the complex behind mine are having a field day. I've been subjected to their awful sing-a-long beat on the drum renditions of what they think folk music is for the past several hours. Might be that Dev-whatever. (This guy. Is that not a hippie version of Fred Durst?) So that's the current breed of bonehead I have to contend with. While all their unshaven blissed out crap is going on, I'm undergoing treatment with an aural antidote. Imagining I am far, far away, in a dank club, wingtips on, pack of Pall Malls and a Hamms (from the land of sky blue water motherfucker), not even paying attention to all the jiggling up on the stage. I'm here because off-key hippies, particularly those who can't keep a beat, would never dare cross the threshold. (Just remember, from the land of sky blue water motherfucker.)

Sounds pretty mean spirited, huh? I exaggerate. Barking aside, these instrumentals, commonly referred to as one type of "shaker" or another, really are the antithesis of what I've been hearing.



Espen E. said...

Hi Tom. Your living hippie nightmare (as described) should be over by now I guess, but my deepest sympathies all the same!

Checked out the Dev dude (link), as I only knew of him by name, thinking "how bad can it be?"… but yes, it was BAD bad – and kept getting degradingly worse as I (in masochist mode) subsequently clicked a few related Banhart clips. Still trying to forget. Will steer well clear in the future!

I once broke into a neighbors empty apartment where a CD had been hiccuping at full volume for some stretch of time… the same bleating passage of a soul horn break (JB?) in strange irregular blasts, over and over (and over! and over!). I actually thought the moron was in there, practicing some kind of monophonic keyboard/sampler contraption, but after 7-8 hours of hearing the same "sample", I grew wise - and took appropriate action (could of course have trashed his stereo and looted his record collection, but I wasn't thinking straight, so I just turned the CD off and climbed back out the window I came in).

Stay sane! Espen

Tom G. said...

You're a braver man than I am. I couldn't get through that one Devwhatever video. I couldn't believe that that was the guy that critics were so gaga about. Juxtapose that with the Sonics, or Link Wray, or someone like that and he just seems like a oh-so-precious circus clown. Yeesh!