Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Okay, I have to give it up to a site I love to hate. Aquarium Drunkard. They post some really good music from time to time, but their taste isn't what bugs, And here's the kicker: what does bug me about them shouldn't. At the end of the day, I'm a scavenger. Make that an opportunistic scavenger who could be seen as a dick. I know that. I link to other peoples song links, and don't upload anything myself. As bad as that sounds, most people recognize that there isn't enough traffic here that it really represents anything taxing on their bandwidth bill. Most blogs I link to are pretty cool about it, and it's almost always the guys who are clearly not in it for the money. They may have an ad or two, but they aren't overtly sucking up. They just dig music. But that's not why I don't upload my own stuff. A big part of the reason I don't upload anything myself is that there is something I kind of like about scavenging from limited choices. Because, while there's an ample supply of music floating around online, the vast majority of is crap (visit the Hype Machine to see what I mean). Let me give you an example. Suppose you're on a road trip, and you stop at a truck stop (or a convenience store, bodega, drug store, whatever). In said joint, you come across a small rack of CDs and remember that you've heard everything you brought with you a million times, so you flip through the CDs, and decide to gamble $4.99. Hell, it might be a six song Coasters cheapo comp, but it's something different. Guess what happens? You get in the car and as you start to drive away, "Little Egypt" comes on, and it has never sounded so good. Where was I? Oh yeah, back to Aquarium Drunkard. They block direct linking to songs. Wah, wah, wah. It's no big deal, it's more like "Drat. Foiled again," as if a cartoon. That's the kind of hate I have for Aquarium Drunkard. A light hearted cartoonish hate.

Like I said, they post good music. There is the random suckage, and a lot of ads; clearly some commerce going on. Hence their link blocking. Hate that. But, music is music, and they just posted five great New Orleans 45s, courtesy of Derek See of Derek's Daily 45, one of the good guys. What's he doing there?

Wax Wonders: The Soul Of NOLA, Part 1 at Aquarium Drunkard Five New Orleans sides, Irma Thomas, Bobby Parker, Little Bob and two by Willie Tee. Worth the click.
Allen Toussaint -: Poor Boy Got To Move / Go Back Home at Aquarium Drunkard Two songs
Irma Thomas - Ruler of My Heart at Aquarium Drunkard A Toussaint work

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