Thursday, July 31, 2014


Okay, here's the deal. A song called "Wild Man"? I'm gonna bite. I don't care what type of music it is, I'm not going to pass it by without hearing it. This time I wasn't disappointed. While it's not as over-the-top wild as the title would imply, it does kick some semi-serious ass, sounding like something that might come from the Cramps arsenal, particularly at the 2:30 mark. And lest you think that the kids inhabiting the stage in the above photo don't have a little bit of wild in them, there's this snippet from an interview at 60s Garage Bands:  

"We had two songs we were going to record; they were ‘Genie’ and ‘Wild Man.’ The Huns came to our practice at Lloyd’s house and stole ‘Genie.’  They renamed it ‘Shakedown.’ They rushed into the studio and recorded it first and released it.  We were furious!  We went as a mob to Dean Coley’s house (their bass player).  His father was their manager, so we stood out in the street and tried to get them to come out and fight." 

Hey, ol' man Coley, watch yer back!

The Tamrons - Wild Man mp3 (via DivShare) at Junk Shop Juke Box
Once you get to DivShare, click on the green "Download" button, and scratch your head for fifteen seconds while the timer counts down. When the button reappears, you're good to go.
The Huns - Shakedown (streaming) at YouTube
The Tamrons at 60s Garage Bands


espen e. said...

Hi Tom – Great story of rivalry and revenge :)! In the nineties I became friends with a band called the Cavebones (these guys/gal: who used to have "Wild Man" in their set... Brushing the rust off fond memories right now!

(ps. Had to do some "where the XXX is that featured?!"-digging, and Eureka!: "Wild Man"/Tamrons is on (the must-have comp. series) Back From The Grave vol.2 (CD vers.))

(pps. have been meaning to send you an email all summer, but lately I'm up to my neck in all sorts of crazy – it's still on the top half of my (extensive) "to do" list though!)


espen e. said...

re: Battle of the Bands (Tamrons vs. Huns)

Funny thing Tom; the Huns are on that BFTG CD (/on the vol. 4 LP) too, flaunting their stolen goods – "Shakedown" aka "Genie"!


Tom G. said...

Hey E,
Thanks for the reminder that those BFTG series compilations have been on my list for way too long. I don't have a one, which tells you what a tightwad I am.

Boy, your buddies the Cavebones really rip Charlie Feathers a new one! If I didn't know the song, I would never have guessed the origin.

Hope you and the rodents are enjoying your summer!