Monday, July 14, 2014


As per usual, the mere mention of a band by a friend turned into a fiending preoccupation for the next twenty four hours. This time it was the Sonics. Early into this one, I thought I'd avoid getting pulled in by listening to something else, and that happened to be Rubber Soul. Nope. The juxtaposition was all fucked up. Let me spare you the experiment. You cannot directly segue from the Sonics to Rubber Soul. It doesn't work. It might be possible with one of those nutty cuts on the White Album (The Beatles), but Rubber Soul? No way. It's like some sort of aural joy buzzer.

Here's a handful. Most of you are probably intimately familiar with at least a few of these. This is really for the younger folk. I don't want them to learn about the Sonics out on the street. Not to go parental on you, but would you want your kid to be introduced to the Sonics by some jackass in skinny jeans? I thought not.

The Sonics - Psycho mp3 at Bag of Songs
The Sonics - Strychnine mp3
at Gimme Tinnitus
The Sonics - The Witch mp3
at Ryan Bossetti (?)
The Sonics - Shot Down mp3
at Net Profit (?)
The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel mp3
at Wigh I Were There
The Sonics - Money mp3
at Girl Jukebox
The Sonics - Don't Be Afraid of the Dark mp3
at Ink Mathematics


espen e. said...

Parenting reminder taken. Squeezed into my tightest fitting jeans and sat down Isak to give him the 101 on The Sonics… No big protests (or overwhelming enthusiasm for that matter), but a couple songs down your list, he slips in a request for «that guy with the eyepatch», so we instead detour to your post on Esteban «Steve" Jordan for some psych-O-delic accordeon fun(k).

And his happy verdict? «It’s Daft Punk!… played by Cpt. Hook!»… Well quite honestly (like it or not), I had to give him credit for his perceptiveness – on both points. Daft Punk it certainly could be. Hook too.

Now rest assured, The Sonics songbook will given a timely father-son revisit, but in this kind of "Rock-Paper-Scissors"-like situation, «Eyepatch" is bound to beat "Chelsea-boot» – every time!


Tom G. said...

Heya Espen, good to hear from you! I've gotta tell you, that skinny jeans crack was really about the kids who think they invented cool. And we all well know by now, there is no kid cooler than an eleven year old who gives a school report on Moondog. To wit, the description of Jordan you related.

For those of you who don't know who Isak is, he's the coolest eleven year old in Norway, mentioned on several posts here:

Thanks for touching base. A tip of the hat to all of the rodents!

Tom G. said...

P.S. Isak is now the youngest person to be tagged here. If he ever wants to show off to his friends he can now look in the index to the right and click on "isak"!

AEC said...

A trillion, gazillion bands have covered "Louie Louie," but the Sonics' proto-metal one slays them all.