Monday, July 21, 2014


Oh yeah, Lee Perry, the Upsetter.,, The first song I heard of his was "Roast Fish and Cornbread", included on a fairly straightforward reggae compilation. It was at odds with the other songs on the record.. Ahh, I can remember that "what the fuck?" moment like it was just yesterday. But it wasn't; it was decades ago, and you know what? The nut has kept my attention ever since. Check his early production of Bob Marley's "Mr. Brown". That's a little sonic mayhem going on there. And check "Jungle Lion", wherein the band intimates Al Green's "Love and Happiness", while Perry does his thing, in this case which is yelping, grunting and ranting, in addition to producing. 

You reggae people know as well as I do, any attempt to do a comprehensive profile of Lee Perry would take a long while, and tonight I don't have a long while. Just consider this a grab bag. Even if you're already a Lee Perry fiend, you might not have seen the commercials he did for Guiness beer. Yeah, those WTFs just keep stacking up. You newbies, the guy is a mad genius. He's an incredibly gifted and inventive producer and performer, he lets his freak flag flight, like stratosphere high, and any attempts to research video clips and records to get inside his head are futile. You think you can figure him out? Have at it.

Bob Marley, produced by Lee Perry - Mr Brown at Review Stalker Go there to get it.
Lee Perry - Roast Fish and Cornbread mp3 at Passion of the Weiss
Lee Perry - Jungle Lion mp3 at Stop Smiling
Lee Perry - Panta Rock mp3 at KUCI
Lee Perry and the Experience - Disco Devil mp3 at Evil Vince 8 minutes!
Lee Perry - Black Panta mp3
at Quarterlife Party
The Upsetters - Exit the Dragon mp3
at Slutty Fringe
Of historical note:
Lee Perry - People Funny Boy (streaming) at YouTube The Joe Gibbs putdown
Lee Perry - Run For Cover (streaming) at YouTube The Coxsone Dodd putdown

The Upsetter - Documentary trailer at YouTube
Lee Perry, Guiness commercials
(?!?) at YouTube

Lee Perry - At Black Ark studio (1982) at YouTube
Lee Perry - Official site
Lee Perry at Wikipedia
The Upsetter - Documentary site

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