Friday, August 1, 2014


Wow, talk about a double whammy! It's not every day that you run into the first studio recordings of Jerry Lee Lewis. That would be enough, but wait! Don't go running off yet. Just hear me out. Do you know the name Cosimo Matassa? He's the studio owner who recorded the Killer, and someone you should know. Matassa was a New Orleans record store owner when he decided to start a recording studio, and later a record label. Let's just say his shit did not stink. If your tastes include New Orleans R&B and early rock 'n' roll, you likely have Matassa to thank for many of the sides in your collection. You need to check out The Cosimo Code, the host of these two songs. It's an exhaustive site about the recordings of Matassa, and a collaborative effort with contributions from some serious heavy hitters (Soul Detective, Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven, Home of the Groove, among others). The site is one of the best, most comprehensive single subject music related websites I've ever come across, and believe me, I'm a trolling fool. Bookmark it, or remain a bonehead.

About these Jerry Lee sides: They were recorded in 1952, when he was sixteen and just getting his sea legs. The vocal number, a cover of Lefty Frizzell's "Don't Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold)" is notable because the Killer sounds like a baby, hitting some notes so high you can practically hear his teenage voice crack. The other song is an instrumental "Jerry's Boogie" (aka "New Orleans Boogie") that is just completely nuts when you consider the nimble chops are coming from a sixteen year old kid.

Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry's Boogie mp3 at The Cosimo Code
Jerry Lee Lewis - Don't Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold) mp3 at The Cosimo Code Go there to get it.
The Cosimo Code Check the video on the home page, it explains everything.

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