Friday, May 2, 2014


Here's another addition to the poor man's Specialty box set. Buried in old posts at Office Naps, I ran into Art Neville's "Arabian Love Call", Specialty Records #656. You'll want to note that number. One by one, if it takes a thousand years, we are going to find every last one of these suckers. When I find something on Specialty, I'll tell you. It won't happen in one night, or in one year. What part of thousand years did you not get? There's a lot to track down, or in reality, just run across, so go to the bathroom now. Here's your checklist.

If we're going to build this ersatz box set, we're going to need liner notes, so check the hosting blogs and read the text. See if there's anything relevant. In this case there is, it's excellent as a matter of fact. A nice start. Plus, you don't want to be someone who walks around not knowing anything about Specialty Records do you?

Art Neville - Arabian Love Call mp3 at Office Naps Specialty 656
Specialty Records - Other posts here
Specialty Records discography


Supersonic75 said...

Just came upon what you're doing here. Fantastic! When I got into 50's R&R and R&B (at about the age of 5, my mom being the one who turned me on to her records), Specialty and Chess- but honestly, especially Specialty (say that 5 times fast:)) was my absolute fave. The look of the label, Little Richard (natch), hearing D&D's "Justine" for the first time and thinking it was just about the hardest-rocking thing ever recorded, the gospel stuff,and all the rest. It all just got to me in the best way possible. At any rate, great stuff, thanks so much.

Tom G. said...

Glad you liked it Supersonic75 (awesome name by the way). You hit it on the head about Don & Dewey. That's one of the all time head scratchers, why they aren't better known. I could see them not having any huge hits, but even in hindsight they don't get the credit they deserve. By the way, you're mom has great taste! Chess and Specialty?!? Awesome. My Mom's favorites were Stan Kenton, the Dorseys, Gene Krupa and Nat King Cole. But my Mom may be a little older.

Supersonic75 said...

My mom had me when she was just 18 and was a sweet little Brooklyn rock and roller; went to the Alan Freed Brooklyn Paramount shows, the whole deal. My dad, whom was 38 when I was born, bought me "The Rolling Stones Now!", "December's Children", plus Miles Davis' "Round About Midnight" for my 5th birthday (I was born in '61)! So naturally I was down the wrong road of life soon enough:-). Your mom's faves fit well with my stepdad's and hey, that's some good stuff too. I still have his Kenton and John Graas 45's on Capitol. And yeah, Don and Dewey should have def been bigger, but I remember my shock and awe when I realized that he was the same Don as Don "Sugarcane" Harris who played for Zappa in the early 70's...I just thought that was so cool. Thanks again!