Monday, May 12, 2014


There are a lot of things that could be said about Jon Spencer. From his not-so-humble beginning in Pussy Galore, through Boss Hog, and most recently the Blues Explosion, the guy knows how to rope you in. To wit, one of the first things that Pussy Galore recorded was a cover of Exile on Main St., the entire album that...well, pretty much sucked. But, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, the sloppiness of the whole endeavor (most of the songs were barely recognizable), and the irreverence of the thing got my attention. It almost seemed like it was a great idea at band practice, in theory, but proved a pain in the ass to show even a  modicum of giving a shit. It's just a representation of the album. By virtue of the fact that the Stones' original is nothing if not iconic, Pussy Galore's version gets talked about decades later. It's their Campbell soup can.

Spencer is a lot of things. There are times when his sincerity could be questioned, his humility, his authenticity, etc. That said, a lot of his music is entirely listenable, and a few things he's done over the years are all-timers within these walls. I still feel sucked in. But, really, can you blame him for knowing his demographic, and what crusty buttons to push? This cover of the Beastie Boys' "She's On It" is a good example, and not just because it's a Beasties cover. You will note, it's more like a two song medley, the other song being, wait for it, Link Wray's "Jack the Ripper". Yes, you stupid asshole rock dude who probably still has a hot girlfriend, you that I've looked for a reason to discredit for twenty some odd years, you got my attention, again You crafty motherfucking rascal.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - She's On It mp3 at Internet Archive Recorded live on WFMU, 2012
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Entire set (12 songs) at Internet Archive All of the songs from above broadcast. Available individually, or as an entire set.
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Ditch mp3 at Pampeloose
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  - Zimgar mp3 at Vibe Right
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Get Your Pants Off mp3 at Vibe Right

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