Monday, May 5, 2014


Here's another guy you might not know did some cool stuff early on, Bob Seger. I don't care for any of his music that I grew up hearing (Silver Bullet Band onwards), so it took a long time to have enough interest to muster the energy to click on a Seger related link. Man, was I ever missing out. That was six years ago, and dang me if the links below aren't still good. Check 'em out, they're not "Night Moves" at all. He really did put out some good stuff when he was younger.


Bob Seger and the Last Heard - East Side Story (1966) mp3 at AM Then FM
Bob Seger and the Last Heard - Heavy Music (Part 1) (1967) mp3 at AM Then FM
The Bob Seger System - 2 + 2 = ? (1968) mp3 at AM Then FM
The Caretakers -East Side Story mp3 at Beware of the Blog
Bob Seger System - Lucifer at YouTube TV Appearance
Bob Seger's Other Greatest Hits at AM Then FM More early Seger. This is good.
Bob Seger at Wikipedia


espen e. said...

What are the odds?! Maan! Strange coincidence AGAIN here:

Minutes after reading this post, I pick up a book I’m in the middle of; «Patti Smith» by Victor Bockris (not recommended by the way)… I’m exactly ten lines down page 136, when guess who get’s a mention??? (no, not Guess Who!)… That’s right (chuckle, chuckle) – BOB SEGER… AND THE SILVER BULLET BAND!!!

[YessireeBob. Headlining the Curtis Hixen Hall (?) in Tampa Florida ’77, with Patti Smith Group as the opening act, who – according to a PSG «friend»; «Went over like a lead balloon.», before Smith, in some kind of «ballet interaction» with Lenny Kaye, spins backwards off the stage and cracks her head open on the concrete floor 15 feet below… Now, in light of the probable pretentiousness of the preceding dance «thing» I’m tempted to label that "poetic – get it? – justice" – but that would be mean, and I still like Patti, so I won’t.]

By the way, Seger's «East Side Story» really KICKS! (I know I've got it on a compilation – maybe just credited to the Heard? – can’t remember which –argh!)… Part Music Machine, part inverted Troggs («I Can Only Give You Everything») fuzz-theme, and part Creedence (Fogerty). Dig the slim-tie, cardigan-clad drummer, don’t think Sean Bonniwell would have let that look pass :)… and, is the band presented as «…the Last TURD» in this clip? Maybe I should go clean my ears out.


Tom G. said...

You know, I always thought Seger's heart was in the right place, ever since first hearing Eddie and the Hot Rods cover of "Get Out of Denver" in '77, and Dave Edmunds cover of it around that same time, but it was a good three decades before I heard what the fuss was about. And just a few days ago, I ran into this poster of Seger on a bill with Iggy and the Stooges (which had to predate the Silver Bullet nonsense by a couple years:

espen e. said...

:) Hey Tom.

Pop and Seger. Strange bedfellows indeed…

Or maybe not – reading a book about NY Dolls month or two back, there was a paragraph about how – both sharing a bill – the New York hotties became buddies with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The cross-dressing sceptic Lyn-Skyn kids were glumly having to share a six-pack of beer, while – as headliners – the Dolls had a case of whisky on their rider, so, short story short; Sylvain and the gang invited their backstage-neighors to share…

Sometimes that’s all it takes. A little bit of love.