Sunday, May 18, 2014


You know Wolfman Jack, right? If you're old, you may remember him from his DJ days. Notice I didn't bring up locale. That's because the radio shows he's best known for were broadcast on stations that transmitted from Mexico, beyond the reach of U.S. broadcasting regulations. Being that the radio stations wattage wasn't nearly as restricted, if at all, they let it blast. Some could be heard throughout North America, from coast to coast. So, the Wolfman got famous, really famous. After his DJ days, or maybe towards the end of them, he was the host of Midnight Special, a late night rock TV show. It was primarily live performances, none of this music video nonsense. If that was before your time as well, you might know him from his bit part, playing a semi-fictional version of himself, in American Graffiti. If you haven't even seen American Grafitti, heaven help you. You ought to take that teeny bopper skull of yours out of the sand. (Tough love, skinny jeans.)

Over in the sidebar at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban, under the "Airchecks" heading, there's links to radio shows by notable DJs, among them Wolfman Jack, the Real Don Steele, the Mad Daddy, and Ernie K Doe. Take this Wolfman show for a spin. A bunch of oldies punctuated by his ranting. Pretend your cubicle is a time machine. I think it's from the mid-late sixties because there's a radio spot for an Oldies But Goodies review, and I don't think the term "oldies but goodies" was commonly used when they were just "goodies". (The bill included Shirley and Lee, Bo Diddley, Gene Vincent, and Chuck Berry.). There's also a commercial for Colt 45, which didn't exist before 1963. (I know premium beers.) If you like this one, check the others at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban. They're under the "Airchecks" heading, about halfway down the page in the right hand column.. Tune in fool.

Wolfman Jack on XERB mp3 at Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban An hour long.
Wolfman Jack in American Graffiti at YouTube
Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban Airchecks About halfway down the page in the right hand column.


Mark aka Kip Pullman said...

"Outta sight, baby!" Makes me wanna put on my purple pants 'n' green shoes, 'n' run around the room. Thanks for the Wolfman Jack post. You may like my blog which has several extensive pages on Wolfman Jack including interviews with his writer, Mars and producer, Lonnie Napier as well as many Wolfie air checks. Just Google Kip's American Graffiti to find it. Thanks again!

Tom G. said...

Hey Mark aka Kip,

I too am an American Graffiti fiend. I saw it a bunch when it first came out and several times since. I just checked out your AG blog. Killer work there.

I also noticed by your profile that you dig reggae. and Jimmy Smith and the Stooges and Miles and blues..dude, you're my demographic. Thanks for stopping by!

Mark aka Kip Pullman said...

Glad u dig my American Graffiti blog. Wow, we do share many similar interests. So cool. Love your blog. Maybe I'll link it on my blog. Stay cool.