Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Let's just say that a couple days ago you picked up Spread the Good Word's Bloody Love Mix Part 3. You figured you'd have a leg up on your crush's other potential suitor, by giving her a well curated mix from a vast record collection that you don't have. Then you find out that the other suitor, whom by certain unwritten rules is now classified as a jerk no matter how good of friends you once were, decides he's gonna do the same goddamn thing. Time for heavy artillery. Spread the Good Word has two other mixes buried in their digs, curiously titled "A Bloody Love Mix" (the original, from 2008) and "A Bloody Love Mix Part 2" (posted in 2011). These just might tip the scales. You could always seal the deal with Link Wray, but then again you don't want someone to faint when you're trying to woo them. 

The mixes were made by a man of taste, Reverend Tom Frost, whom many of you may know. I've gone on about him many times. If you've never checked out his music, the mixes will give you a good indication of what he's about. The Phantom, Slim Whitman, Roy Hamilton, Marvin Rainwater, Wanda Jackson, Benny Joy, Eddie Cochran, Lord Creator,...that's just random names. The list goes on and on. Now that I think of it, the mixes could serve as a litmus test. If the object of your desires ain't having any of it, they lack taste. Move on. There's more fish in the sea.and all of that jazz. What your Mom said when you were twelve.
Note: Once you get to Rapidshare, look for the bar that says "to download", then on the next page select the box next to the mix and click on "download selection": You do not have to register. I repeat, you do not have to register. Ignore that window when it comes up (you may have to close it) and a few seconds later, the download will start. Got that?

The mixes:
A Bloody Love Mix at Spread the Good Word
A Bloody Love Mix Part 2 at Spread the Good Word
A Bloody Love Mix Part 3 at Spread the Good Word
Reverend Tom Frost - Samples of his music at Rev. Tom Frost 
Reverend Tom Frost
- Official site

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