Wednesday, February 26, 2014


How does a search for a band with an apeshit drummer end up falling into a motherlode of vintage cajun? I knew you were going to ask that. I was just looking for a photo of a band, with said apeshit drummer, that must have been invisible, because I wasn't able to come up with anything, but I ran into the photo above (less the text) and thought,...I don't know, I wasn't really thinking anything. Just that it was a cool old timey photo. I honestly don't know what I thought I'd come across if I clicked on it. You do this shit long enough and you develop the instincts of a scavenger, I guess. The photo led me to a page called "Cajun Music Mp3", with the subtitle "Hadacol it something". Okay, right off the bat that reference to Hadacol told me that whoever was behind the page had knowledge of old school cheap highs. (Hadacol was a tonic, 12% alcohol, that sold well in dry states back in the day.)

Then I scanned a little lower. Stop. Right there: "78s recorded from the collections of Joe Bussard, Ron Brown, and others...". That first name, Joe Bussard. You remember him don't you? A 78 collector who is a diehard, full blown fiend. When asked if there was any genre he avoids, he said "Rock 'n' roll. Period. Any of it. Hate it. Worse thing that happened to music. Hurt all types of music. They took blues and ruined it. It’s the cancer of music….ate into everything. Killed Country music, that’s for sure.". What we got here is a purist of the highest order. Good for him. I prefer not to be such a nazi, but I can appreciate someone that hard core. So I scroll down further and there's, holy shit, there's roughly a couple hundred cajun songs, from the twenties all the way through the sixties. You might not be all that into cajun stuff, and to be honest I'm just kind of a dabbler, but you'll probably want to bookmark it for the next time, I don't know, you're downing a bunch of Hadacol.

Hackberry Ramblers - C'est Pas La Peine mp3 at Cajon Music Mp3s
Nathan Abshire - Hoola Hoop Two Step mp3 at Cajon Music Mp3s
Robert Bertrand - Corrina Corrina mp3 at Cajon Music Mp3s
Cajon Music Mp3s - 200 plus cajun tunes, spanning fifty years
J'ai Été Au Bal - A film by Les Blank, 1989 at YouTube
This drummer is at the right gig, at 12:36 
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Bluebottle said...

Hi there you mention cajun music and it reminds me of this Ilove that song.

Tom G. said...

Thanks for adding that Bluebottle. I trust you are still chillin'.