Thursday, February 27, 2014


Every time it seems like things are kind of slowing down, in terms of hearing anything that knocks me on my ass, I seem to run into a blog or two that nail it. Good text, wild music, and just the right amount of flippancy. In the right proportions that combination can eat up several nights, and that's probably what's going to happen, so I'll hep you to a handful of cuts at my newest instant favorite, and send you on your way.

On the Record is an unassuming looking blog, until you start poking around. Most of the links, even on the earliest posts are still good, and like I said, there's good text. Historical info, pretty detailed at that, along with snarky asides. Fucking awesome: a record fiend with attitude, and great records. Turn your attention now to first song linked below. That's right, you know him, you love him, you can't live without him, the Great One, Mr. Link Wray. Much fuss has been made here and elsewhere about his sinister licks. This, of course, is what put him on the map. As you may know he's dabbled in singing with mixed results. I honestly never thought one of his vocal songs would become a favorite, but then, I hadn't heard the one I just heard. Feast your ears on "Hidden Charms" by Wray and his Wraymen, circa 1966. That's right, smack dab in the middle of the garage rock explosion, our main man shows those bowl cuts a thing or two. Put it away teenagers, he means business. (Note: The outro is some seriously twisted licks.)

Also at the same site, the gold standard of nuts,"The Girl Can't Dance", which, of course, features the legendary larynx shredding of Bunker Hill. Did you know that it's Wray and his homies backing Hill? Now you do. Speaking of larynx schedding, remember ol' Joyce Harris' version of "Got My Mojo Working"? Of course you do. I was hyperventilating all over it on a post just...shit, it was six years ago. On the Record posted another a cut of hers, "No Way Out", that's as crazy as that earlier one. The last selection below is Dean Carter's cover of "Jailhouse Rock, which answers the question, if you were going to cover that song in 1967, how do you make it relevant? You go batshit crazy, that's how. Dig the guitar solo.

About DivShare, where On the Record hosts their stuff: From the site, click on the "share" button on the embedded DivShare player. A download link will appear (it might say "Link to mp3"). Click on that, it'll take you to DivShare. Once there, click on the green "Download" button. A bit of a hassle, but it will pay dividends.

Link Wray and the Raymen - Hidden Charms mp3 (via DivShare) at On the Record
Bunker Hill - The Girl Can't Dance mp3 (via DivShare) at On the Record
Joyce Harris - No Way Out mp3 (via DivShare) at On The Record
Dean Carter - Jailhouse Rock mp3 (via DivShare) at On the Record
On the Record


RichardSibello said...

Hey, Tom, thanks for the kind words about my blog! I'll be bookmarking yours, too!

Keep up the good work,

Tom G. said...

Totally dig your blog. That I ran across those four just kind skipping around tells me it's going to be another regular stop on my rounds. Love your writing, and your taste too. That profile pic with your grimace holding the Billy Joel record tells me everything I need to know. Keep it crazy!