Thursday, February 6, 2014


I can't even believe I'm paying attention enough to remember what you had better remember. That is, if you're in a relationship, be it married, dating, or doing whatever the hell it is those guys who are always back from lunch late do. It's next Friday you dolt. Look at the calender. You've got a week left. I'm not one for giving advice on this topic. If romancing was a sport where you advance to different levels respective of your performance, let's say like baseball, you've got the major leagues, and way out there, way out past the parking lot, there's me. Playing Wiffle ball. So, no advice. I'm just throwing this out there as a public service. Grab, or at least bookmark, the Bloody Love Mix, Part 3 at Spread the Good Word. Do I have to spell it out for you? It's the back up plan, and it's a good mix to boot, low on schmaltz. Thank Rev. Tom Frost. Again. Long after his site went dormant, the lights are still on. It bears mentioning that he stopped updating the site to concentrate on his own music, which you should totally check out. If you're hanging around here with any amount of regularity, our tastes intersect somewhere, as mine do with Reverend Frost's, ergo, you will dig his shit.

Note: Once you get to Rapidshare, look for the bar that says "to download", then on the next page select the box next to the mix and click on "download selection": You do not have to register. I repeat, you do not have to register. Ignore that window when it comes up and a few seconds later, the download will start. Got that?

The mix:
The Bloody Love Mix, Pt 3 at Spread the Good Word Note: See last paragraph above for how to deal with Rapidshare's hurdles.
Rev. Frost's music:
Reverend Tom Frost - Gotta Travel mp3 at Big Rock Candy Mountain 
Reverend Tom Frost - A Bloody Life (streaming) at YouTube
Reverend Tom Frost - Dust to Dust
(streaming) at YouTube
Reverend Tom Frost - More samples of his music
at Rev. Tom Frost Check out "The Naked Witch"!
Reverend Tom Frost
- Official site


Reverend Frost said...

Two months late, but, as always, THANKS TOM !

Tom G. said...

As long as those mixes are up, I'll keep sending people, and, of course, whenever there's other news to report from South of Hell!