Sunday, February 23, 2014


You should be used to this by now. Again, tonight, just one chance click sent me off on another joyride, This time it's Moondog, If you know Moondog, you know what happened. One toe in that rabbit hole and you can kiss your ass goodbye. It started with "Bird's Lament". I'd heard it before, it still hit the spot, but it just made me want more.

If you don't know anything about Moondog, a thumbnail can't really do him justice. He was a jazz musician who lived and performed for a number of years on the street, in his oddball get ups that were, to him, full of symbolism. A lot of people just thought he was some kook. You owe it to yourself to read up on him. Check out Wikipedia to get started. See how far you fall in.

Moondog - Bird's Lament mp3 at Nevver
Moondog - Dog Trop mp3 at ATumblr (?)
Moondog - Stomping Ground mp3 at Le Biglemoi
Moondog - Surf Session (streaming) at YouTube 


espen e. said...

My oldest son (12) was sitting beside me when I was reading this entry… couple days later - entirely on his own accord - he's working on a Powerpoint on Moondog for English class (due today).

I'm guessing he's not exactly rackin' up popularity points with the chicks, but at least he's making his father proud.

Espen (Bergen, Norway)

Tom G. said...

Making his father proud? Heck, he made me feel proud and I'm thousands of miles away! Thanks so much for passing that on. Your son rules! Just the thought of a Norwegian boy telling his classmates about Moondog makes me feel that all of this is worthwhile. Really. I saw your comment before I left for work this morning but didn't have time to respond, but I have to tell you, I was feeling good about this all day. I'm not lying when I say that in seven years of blogging, that is the best comment that I have received. He needn't worry about whether of not the chicks dig it. Something tells me that with his initiative, he won't have any problems in the years to come.

Thanks again, and please let your son know how proud I am of him too!

Tom (Espen's son's #1 fan)

Espen E. said...

Hi again! Just checking in to report that the Moondog presentation apparently went well. Norwegian 7th-graders duly corrupted.

Isak (the son in question) sends his regards and thanks to his first and (so far) only fan (parents and sibling excluded)!

Although he's certainly no stranger to strangeness, (having already been a first-row witness to The Residents' world of weird… twice), it's genuinely good to see him picking up on the off-beat without being prodded. Nice to have something in common with one's spawn.

And as far as the chick-issue, I think Moondog might just serve as an appropriate filter, as in; if you can't take the heat – stay out of the kitchen!… or in this case; if you can't relate to my man Moondog – stay off my 53rd and 6th!


Tom G. said...


That's rich. Just the thought of 12 year old kids going home to their parents and asking them if they know of this Moondog man.

He's seen the Residents twice?! I live in the same state as them and have never seen them. Bergen must be happening.

You are right on so many accounts, especially about him picking up on the offbeat. That is promising, and not just in music, but you know that. And to be able to share it with you has got to make you feel like you did something right.

And, boooy, are you right about what I shall now always think of as the Moondog filter. Dead on friend.

Give my regards to Isak. And thanks tons for the update!


espen e. said...

Short follow-up:

Last week Isak had his friend Carl over for some online gaming – there was a handful CD’s scattered next to the living room stereo, a recently arrived (self titled) Moondog among them… the the cover must have caught Carl's eye as he walked through to the kitchen (where I was standing) ‘cause I distinctly overheard him say – to no-one in particular – «Hey! Moondog!». Well, waddayaknow.

Now, initially I thought you might have been a tad optimistic with regards to Isak spreading the word on Moondog to his peers, but maybe not Tom, maybe not.

(…of course I proceeded to put it on and crank it up, and you should have seen the instant WTF-look on little Carl’s face when track 2, «Lullaby», opens with the sound of an infant crying – priceless!)

Keep spreading the news Tom!


Tom G. said...

Ever wanted to be Fagan, but instead of telling kids to pick pocket, send them out into the world with weird recods? That's is, a script is in order "Oliver Don't Twist"

espen e. said...

He-he… Call Andy Lloydd Webber! More Fagan/Oliver Twisted below…

You know, a day later Karl (with a "K" apparently) was back for more gaming (or Moondog?), and as my kids don’t have a computer of their own, they have to ask me to use my laptop. As it happened I had it flipped open and was reading a short piece about the Monks (re: Gary Burger's recent death), and there was a cool band photo of the Monks all but covering the 12" screen. So, Karl gets the WTF-look again and goes «Why would ANYBODY wanna cut their hair like THAT!!»… Isak, wise to the way of weird, starts explaining to his friend about who these guys are/were and why their heads are/were shaven, and as he does, I pop "Black Monk Time" in the player to give Karl a taste of what the GI’s were up to in Germany.

I leave them to it, and about forty minutes later, guess what?.. Holy Bonus Track, Tom!.. They’re in the hall chanting that catchy-cum-annoying refrain of «Cuckoo» («Cuckoo, cuckoo – who’s got the cuckoo?" + repeat ad nauseum)! Granted, not the Monks strongest effort, but still, it’s something.


Tom G. said...

Oh jeez, you are Fagan. Start 'em young, as they say.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when those two start singing Monks songs in class. That would drive the teacher nuts. Wait until the sing "Shut up" or "I Hate You"!