Wednesday, September 28, 2011


If you would have told me any time in the last twenty years that, in the year 2011, I would find a Bangles song entirely listenable, I would have asked what you were smoking. Even if I would have read something favorable, I would have been so deep in doubt that I wouldn't give them a chance. But (there's always a but), I ran across a comment that a respected music egghead friend of mind posted saying that the new LP was "a stunner." Okay (deep breath), I wanted to find out what he was smoking. I hunted for the first new song I could find, which happened to be a cover of the Nazz' "Open My Eyes." Guess what? It doesn't suck. In fact, it's pretty good. The guitar tone and the cowbell are a nice touch. It could use a little more meat in the production, and of course, the riff that carries the song is all Todd Rundgren (the original is below). But my hat is off to the now three piece Bangles for getting me to listen to a whole song with my my normal "feh..." Bangles reaction. That came as I heard a second song, "I Will Never Be Through With You." Temporary pass revoked.

About the links: If you want to hear "Open Your Eyes" without committing to a download, head to Ace Musik Blogg. They've got it streaming, and a download link. There's a link to "This I Heard," the blog that Tim Ellison (the "stunner" guy) has. He dissects random songs, filling you in on all of the chords, and other shit that's going on, in songs as disparate as the Red Krayola, Hanson, Love, Teena Marie and others. Before you doubters question his CV, know this: Tim played in the Bonneville Music Machine (as in that Bonniwell, as in the Music Machine Sean Bonniwell, as in "Talk Talk."), and at one time was working on a Master's thesis on 60's psych. Like I said, a music egghead. (His brother's no slouch either. I wrote about his old band, the Rockin' Dogs, here.)

The Bangles - Open My Eyes mp3 (via Mediafire) at Ace Musik Blogg
The Nazz - Open My Eyes mp3 at Lumberjack Thief
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The Bangles - I Will Never Be Through With You (streaming) at Idolator
The Nazz - Open My Eyes at YouTube
This I Heard

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