Monday, September 12, 2011


Sometimes one serendipitous click can turn into hours of good music that you didn't know existed. Several years ago, while checking out a graphic designer's site (Rotodesign), I happened upon the Annex page and was stopped dead in my tracks by the background music. After emailing the site owner I found out that the tune was "Panic Button," by Edgar Allen and the Po' Boys, and that it was lifted from a compilation called Las Vegas Grind. Completely unaware that the compilation was but one in a series of six, the slow accumulation of the series began.

The Genteels - Take It Off

The Las Vegas Grind series consist of oddball instrumentals ranging from R&B, to surf-like, to just downright weird. Though, given the name of the series, they're all probably considered to be what is commonly referred to as, ahem, titty shakers. It would be hard to imagine even the most demented of strippers bumping and grinding to some of these, but you know what? If that's what gets someone to compile this many screwball instrumentals, they can call it Mantovani for all I care.

Edgar Allen & the Po' Boys - Panic Button mp3 at Probe Is Turning-On the People
The Rockin' Bellmarx - Torture Rock mp3 at X818
The Frantics - The Whip mp3 at Unnecessary Umlaut
The Gee Cees - Buzzsaw Twist mp3 at
The Hollywood Persuaders - Drums-A-Go-Go mp3 at X818
Freddy Scott & The 4 Steps - Same Ole Beat mp3 at
Full LP's:
Las Vegas Grind, Volume 1 (via at Rock It!
Las Vegas Grind, Volume 2 (via at Rock It!
Las Vegas Grind, Volume 3 (via at Rock It!
Las Vegas Grind, Volume 4 (via at Rock It!
Las Vegas Grind, Volume 5 (via at Rock It!
Las Vegas Grind, Volume 6 (via at Rock It!
Light In Orbit's Burlesque and instrumental channel at YouTube
Visit:, streaming "titty shakers," forum and requisite postulating.
Whaddya Call 'ems - Earlier post about, ahem, tittyshakers

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