Sunday, September 24, 2023


I'm not sure how many of you were hanging around here thirteen years ago, but I have to repost the Tielman Brothers because the old link to their video of "Rollin' Rock" went dead and we can't have that. It's too classic. The Tielman Brothers were Indonesians that moved to Amsterdam at a young age. The first thing you'll notice in the video is the energy of the band. From the beginning to the end, these cats don't stop moving. And the guitar player has some pretty good stuff. A guitar tone that sounds like Cliff Gallup's on the early Gene Vincent stuff (on a Les Paul?!). I mention that first because a little into the song it turns into a chaotic solo fest. We're talking guitar solos, drum solos, drumsticks on guitar solo, bass solo, behind the back guitar solo and my favorite, behind the back guitar solo while the guitarist is standing on the side of the stand up bass which is on top of the bassist who is lying on his back playing. It's quite a performance. Unfortunately the crazier they get, the more the actual solos suffer. By the end you're left wondering why the audience doesn't call them on their shit. All the action is fine and dandy, but when the music starts to suffer...oh.ever mind. I forgot about the clip of the audience at the very end. It's a pretty square looking crowd, not what you'd consider rock 'n' roll afficiandos. Their attention requires a spectacle..

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