Wednesday, October 14, 2015


You gotta like Deadbolt. No you don't. To your ears they may seem like knuckleheads with minimal chops. Okay, lose that. The fact that their pallet was limited is precisely what was good about them. Admittedly, there are a few things that skew my objectivity. Incident 1: One of the members, I've forgotten which one it was, left the bathroom at the Casbah, the happening club at the time, with the end of a roll of toilet paper stuck in the ass of his jeans, and proceeded to parade towards the main bar pulling a trail of toilet paper behind him. I'm not sure if it was Les Vegas, the drummer, or Harley Davidson, the singer/guitarist. It was the nineties, it was the Casbah, ergo, I was drunk.

Incident 2: San Diego's annual St. Patricks Day Parade, Davidsion, in a green Elvis jumpsuit, sitting atop the back seat of a green convertible Cadillac, riding down the street and waving to the crowd like he was somebody, with the car flanked by the rest of the band running along side like Secret Service agents.

Incident 3: Fluf, another San Diego band big at the time, had just played in the parking lot of Tower Records. A decent sized crowd was sort of hanging out after they finished. Deadbolt dives by, slowly, in their van, with the side door slid open all the way. They wanted everybody in that crowd to see Davidson sitting in the back seat guzzling a quart of Bud as they were driving away. Why? Because they were Deadbolt. That's all you need to know.

Those are just three random incidents. These types of things were everyday occurrences. You could never figure out whether they were taking the piss out of themselves, or if they were taking the piss out of you. They rarely broke character. Even at small gatherings, there was some Deadbolt in them. I'm speaking in the past tense, because the Deadbolt I know includes Les Vegas and he left early on. After that, with a often changing succession of band members, it became more of the Harley Davidson show. Which doesn't mean it's is less valid. But Les, jeez, he can chew his own arm off, and he has a tongue like a snake. Yeah.

Deadbolt - Voodoobilly Man mp3 at Frank McGregor (?)
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Deadbolt - Tiki Man mp3 at Frank McGregor (?)

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