Thursday, October 22, 2015


You might not have known this existed. If you aren't the sort that is constantly looking for anything Pistols related, maybe you've outgrown them, you probably haven't run across it. It's their last set from the 1978 US tour, and was supposedly their last show ever. (It was until they reunited decades later). I happened upon it by accident. It just reminded me of what a package the Sex Pistols were, how much they stirred shit up. The whole thing, not just the band and their music. The manager Malcom McLaren, his wife, clothing designer Vivien Westwood, and an old chum of McLaren's, Jamie Reid, a graphic designer and token situationist; they were all part of it. Add irreverence and an uncanny ability to be in the wrong place at the right time, and play like shit. Like you don't give a fuck. Be ugly. Be stylishly anti-glamour. All part of the package. I liked that package, and still do, even when it sucked.

The video is pretty good quality for the era. Apparently the show was simulcast on a local radio station, so that's probably why the sound is decent (though Steve Jones's guitar is barely audible at the very beginning). Check this video ASAP if you're interested. Something tells me it won't be up for long. If you want music by the Pistols, including various oddballs, they can probably be found here.

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