Sunday, October 18, 2015


You knew it was coming. It's nearing Halloween, of course the Munsters theme is going to get posted. If you're not familiar with The Munsters, it was a sixties TV sitcom, ostensively about a family of monsters, but they were harmless, just a goofy family who consisting of a Frankenstein type patriarch and his wife, their werewolf son, a vampire grandfather, and a niece Marilyn, the token non-freak. Whether intended or not, it served as a commentary on how "normal" people see people who look different and have odd interests but are otherwise harmless. It was a good show, and it's still a hoot, provided you aren't too sophisticated. There's a documentary about the series linked below, and tons of clips on YouTube if you need more. The theme from The Munsters kicks the ghouls ass so you need at least one version for your Halloween mix.

There was another similar show that aired on a competing network back then, The Addams Family, about another horror character type family. Just as the older kids had their Beatles/Stones divide, young creeps usually had a preference for either The Munsters or The Addams Family, rarely were they tied. So here's equal time. Not the Addams Family theme, because it's rather lame, and the Munsters have a lock on that category anyway. But if you're familiar with The Addams Family, you'll find it funny. It's "The Lurch" by Ted Cassidy, who played the character Lurch in the series. He was the family butler and the most menacing character, though that's not saying much. Regardless, the song is a crack up.

Billy Strange - The Munsters Theme mp3 at Beware of the Blog
Jimmy Smith - Theme From the Munsters mp3
at De Discos y Monstruos
Los Straightjackets - The Munsters Theme mp3
at Jason Sheeley
Jack Marshall -The Munsters Theme mp3
at Sudden Link (?)
Ted Cassidy - The Lurch mp3 at Franxman
The Munsters Documentary at YouTube
Mad About the Addams Family - Mini-documentary at YouTube

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