Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Well, gee willickers, I guess that's how it works now. You make a movie about a legendary dive bar and punk venue, spend the better part of a year issuing press releases every time you sign on another semi-celebrity, complete an advertising campaign or compile a soundtrack, only to have the movie posted online right out of the gate.

If you're curious about the movie about CBGB, someone has posted it at the YouTube. You know it won't be online for long, so check it out right away if you have any interest. Personally, I wasn't expecting much. These type of things generally suck, and they almost always get more then a few things wrong. I wasn't disappointed, but then again, I didn't shell out any money and I didn't watch all of it. And I'm not a kid who's been wearing the T-shirt for years without knowing any of the story. I'm just an old cuss who watches parts of shitty movies.

10/3/2013: As you've no doubt discovered, that video didn't last long. As a consolation, check out these other semi-related posts that probably still have a few good links:

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