Saturday, October 19, 2013


Here's one that's semi-topical, at least in the title. It's from the only LP by the original line up of the Dream Syndicate, which was when they were the shit. They were. Loosely grouped with the so-called Paisley Underground, but that's inaccurate, at least with the original version of the band. In the beginning, they were a little like the Velvets, but with some kind of guitar sound. Lead guitarist Karl Precoda gets a lot of the credit, and it's deserved. He was a man who knew feedback. Steve Wynn was no slouch, in a way his playing was the perfect complement. But that Precoda, in just about every song, he was messing with feedback. It's not the act of  show off, he knew where to place it, and for how long. Even the extended solos were kept interesting.

I couldn't find an mp3, so you'll have to check it at YouTube, but do check it out. Precoda's doing some wicked shit. (Note: Do a web search for "YouTube mp3 converter" and you should be able to find a way to save it. Just a head's up.) The other band down there, the Suspects, was Steve Wynn's earlier band, that featured future Dream Syndicate bassist Kendra Smith as a lead singer. I'm not posting it as a chuckle, but to illustrate what a big change they went through in only about four years. They went from just another new wave band to great band, if only for a couple years in that original incarnation. But, still, the guitar freakout hybrid (at different times the Velvets, Neil Young, Robert Quine and Television) wouldn't be, and wasn't, the same without Precoda. His playing on this must be heard. Listen to the whole thing.

The Dream Syndicate - Halloween (streaming) at YouTube 1982
The Suspects - Talking Loud, It's Up To You (streaming) at YouTube ca 1978
The Dream Syndicate - Tell Me When It's Over, Still Holding On You at YouTube ca 1982
The Dream Syndicate - When You Smile at YouTube In store appearance, Tower Records, El Toro, CA 1982
The Dream Syndicate at Wikipedia

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