Monday, October 21, 2013


Good ol' Reverend Tom Frost is a man of his word. He stopped updating his blog a couple years ago to concentrate on his music, but for several years before that, Spread the Good Word was a favorite around here. The selections he posted were always worth listening to, and and they were varied. It was his back to back posting of Mahalia Jackson and Anti-Nowhere League that got my attention. That was three days into this whole quixotic mess, six years ago. When he stopped updating his blog, he said that he'd leave his mixes up for the unforeseen future, and he has. So here's seventeen of his Bloody Halloween Mixes. That's right, seventeen. These suckers should take you all the way through party night. Each is linked separately, because you'll want the song lists. I won't go into what's on each, just look at a couple, they're packed with goodies.

Rev Frost is still doing his own music, which is damn fine in and of itself. There's a link to the his site down there. Check out the "More samples..." link. If "The Naked Witch" and "Whoopee" don't make you want to investigate, just get out of the way.


The mixes (song lists at each link):
NOTE: The links are at the bottom of each post, under the song listings. Once you get to Rapidshare, look for the bar that says "to download", then on the next page select the box next to the mix and click on "download selection": You do not have to register. I repeat, you do not have to register. Ignore that window when it comes up and a few seconds later, the download will start. Got that? Later.

Bloody Halloween mix 17
Bloody Halloween mix 16
Bloody Halloween mix 15
Bloody Halloween mix 14
Bloody Halloween mix 13
Bloody Halloween mix 12
Bloody Halloween mix 11
Bloody Halloween mix 10
Bloody Halloween mix 9
Bloody Halloween mix 8
Bloody Halloween mix 7
Bloody Halloween mix 6
Bloody Halloween mix 5
Bloody Halloween mix 4
Bloody Halloween mix 3
Bloody Halloween mix 2
Bloody Halloween mix 1
Rev. Frost's music:
Reverend Tom Frost - A Bloody Life
(streaming) at YouTube
Reverend Tom Frost - Dust to Dust
(streaming) at YouTube
Reverend Tom Frost - More samples of his music
at Rev. Tom Frost Check out "The Naked Witch"!
Reverend Tom Frost
- Official site

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Reverend Frost said...

Hey Tom, bring back the deads !
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