Saturday, October 26, 2013


This one hits close to home, literally. Besides being from San Diego, the Tell-Tale Hearts had among it's members two current neighbors of mine, Dave Klowden and Pete Meisner, an ex-neighbor, Eric Bacher, and another friend, Ray Brandes, often referred to in these parts as "The guy who always finds cool shit on YouTube". But I'm not posting it because I happen to know a handful of the guys. I'm posting it because it's well done early eighties garage, back when there were relatively few bands playing that sort of stuff. As the hosting blog of this fine song (On the Flip-Side) points out, the guitar by Meisner is baddass; particularly the solo. Compact with a crazy end, just the way solos should be. All of their earlier stuff has Bacher on guitar, and he's no slouch either. But if we're going to go down that road you should take note of the organ by non-neighbor Bill Calhoun too. And round that out with Brandes on appropriately snotty vocals, considerable skin bashing by Klowden, and Mike Stax (Crawdaddys, Ugly Things, the Loons) on bass and what you have is some kinda package.

Both of the songs are at DivShare. If you don't want to deal with the few extra clicks it takes there, check this old post for some other Tell-Tell Hears stuff. And, take my word for it, you'll want to bookmark On The Flip-Side. There's tons of good stuff there.

The Tell-Tale Hearts - Too Many Lovers mp3 (via DivWShare*) at On the Flip-Side 
The Tell-Tale Hearts - Crawling Back To Me mp3 (via DivWShare*) at On the Flip-Side
The Scorpions - Too Many Lovers mp3 (via DivWShare*) at On the Flip-Side
NOTE: Once you get to DivShare, click on the green "Download" button, and scratch your head for fifteen seconds. When the button reappears, you're good to go.
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