Friday, March 23, 2012


The photo above is totally unrelated to the songs below. That's because of the two bands posted below, one of them is the Detroit Night Riders, a group I was unable to find a photo of. The other band is the Kingsmen, and they are nowhere near as interesting to look at as a photo of a teenager trying their hardest to look like a badass. "Yeah, I hang out in a convenience store parking lot. So what?!" "Of course I know it's not lit! I'll light it when I'm ready." "Shut up, you don't even have a cigarette." And so on. I don't remember where I found the photo online. (Might have been Square America, from back in the day.) But I like it, I think because the whole thing has attitude. And it's so America.

So, to enjoy the two songs below, and the sites that host them, you're going to have to give up your DivShare phobia. Yes, you do have to go through a little more hassle, but it's worth it. (Skip the rest of this paragraph if you're already familiar with DivShare navigation.) For the uninitiated, you click on the song title at the end of the post, or on the little DivShare logo if there's an embedded player (you'll see what I mean). Either of these will take you to DivShare, possibly encountering an annoying pop-up along the way (just click it closed). Click on "Download," and wait for the 15 second timer to run down, and viola! It's really only two extra clicks and, in the case of these two songs, well worth the added elbow grease.

"Getting Funky" by the Detroit Night Riders is just plain awesome. It's one of those weird instrumentals that sound like the whole band is drunk, dead tired, and engaged in that one final push before last call. Highly recommended. "Haunted Castle," by the Kingsmen, is of note because it's just a little off, just enough. That, and that the 2;50 length of it seems three times longer. It's a little repetitive, it almost sounds like the Seeds doing the Velvet Underground.

The Detroit Night Riders - Getting Funky mp3 (via DivShare) at The Devils Music
The Kingsmen - Haunted Castle mp3 (via DivShare) at Junk Shop Juke Box
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