Monday, March 5, 2012


Rocky, of, is one piece of work, I'll tell you. Let's back up for a second. Tonight I was thinking about obscure rockabilly, and lamenting the fact that I hadn't bookmarked a certain crazy rockabilly song I'd heard at Rocky's site, because I'd forgotten the singer's name so I'll probably never hear the song again. This guy Rocky has that much stuff on his site. Rockabilly, country and western, hillbilly, doo wop, some early rock 'n' roll, and a few blues songs, and some surf instrumentals; it's all there. It's mind blowing once you figure out how to navigate his site. So, before going any further, you may want to remember these few simple steps. Step 1: Click on "Discography" in the left column. Step 2: Look for the artists with speaker icons by their names. These are the ones with music. Step 3: Once on the artist's page, look for the hyperlinked song titles. They will take you to a page with the lyrics and the mp3. The lyrics may seem superfluous, but, believe me, in some cases they come in handy.
Tonight I thought I'd experiment, and click on the first singer he had listed as "rockabilly" that had a speaker icon. Just to see what I came up with. Rocky did it again, three songs by one Art Adams, someone you might not know. (I didn't, and I consider myself semi-educated in rockabilly matters.) Going back to Rocky's posting of the lyrics. If he didn't do that, I wouldn't know that the first two lines of Adam's "Rock Crazy Baby" are "She's a rock crazy baby and she's rockin' every day, doesn't matter to her if the words of the song don't rhyme" (suck on that Alice Cooper). And I wouldn't know that the first two lines of "Indian Joe" are "Oh, Indian Joe come to town one day, standing on the corner heard the jukebox play." I'll tell you, this guy Art Adams sure has an imagination. Not only that, he shows he is multidimensional, yelping, in "Indian Joe," in an informed Legendary Stardust Cowboy style. It is exquisite. In poor taste perhaps, but exquisite nonetheless.

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