Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Reverend Tom Frost, of Spread the Good Word, has posted another mix. This one is "A Bloody Western Mix," and, as per usual, it's a good mix of a few familiar names and a whole lot of unfamiliar ones. That's his forte. A good mix will teach you something, it'll present new names. And that's something that the Reverend does well. I lap this shit up.

You probably want a few single songs too, right? Here's Hugh Montenegro's cover of Ennio Morricone's "Hang 'em High," and let's just say it sounds as if Up With People were doing it, which is to say that every ounce of sinister, dangerous bad shit has been wrung out of it. Morricone must have hated Montenego, what with his sanitized knockoffs of Morricone's brilliant mood setting scores. Any of you old farts remember that sense of disgust you felt when punk rock was watered down as "new wave" in the late seventies? That's Morricone encountering Montenegro.

I couldn't find Morriconne's version of "Hang 'em High, but here's three versions of 'For a Few Dollars More," Morricone's, Montenegro's and one by the Golden Palominos. Back in the eighties, the Golden Palomino's version seemed to be the shit. Their attempt to bring up to date the music of Morricone seemed sincere, and current. That was then, but guess what? This is now and it's almost comical how many "cutting edge" (then) clichés the song exhibits. But, it sure had the interesting line up (read up). Back then, I thought it sounded as tough as the original, but it has since drifted into Montenegro-land. That's what demonstrates Morriconne's genius. His version of "For a Few Dollars More" never sounds dated.


Hugh Montenegro - Hang 'em High mp3 at Basement Rug
Hugh Montenegro - For a Few Dollars More mp3 at Basement Rug
Ennio Morricone - For a Few Dollars More mp3 at music.ka81 (?)
The Golden Palominos - For a Few Dollars More mp3 at 4Shared
The mix:
A Bloody Western Mix, Part 6 at Spread the Good Word 29 songs, some from movies and some just western themed: With Marcello Giombini, Johnny Burnette, Billy Strange, Jack Nitzche, Duane Eddy, Joe Maphis and of course, Ennio Morricone. And a bunch of others.
Ennio Morricone at Wikipedia
The Golden Palominos at Wikipedia

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Tom G. said...

Yes, I realized that throughout that whole post, I wrote Hugh Montengro, not Hugo. That's what happens when you rely on memory.