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Ahh, Memphis. The city that was ground zero for rock 'n' roll over fifty years ago has never ceased producing rock 'n' roll weirdos, on the outer fringes of the often too bland genre. As is my habit, yesterday I checked back on one such weirdo, and I mean that with admiration. Mike McCarthy is a musician, comic artist and filmmaker. I first became acquainted with his work years ago, when my friend showed up at an impromptu BBQ that I was having, with two women from out of town in tow. One had been in one of McCarthy's films, Teenage Tupelo, and she left some flyers for the just completed movie at my apartment. A couple weeks later '68 Comeback was rolling through town and Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and the drummer (whose name escapes me) crashed at my place. The next morning the drummer saw one of the flyers laying around and said, "Hey, my girlfriend is in that movie!" Here we go...

The World of Mike McCarthy, clips of music videos

Fast forward to about a year ago. Frustrated at my inability to find Teenage Tupelo anywhere, I finally emailed McCarthy and asked where I could get a copy. Nice guy that he was, he burned me a copy, and let me tell you, it's got all the ingredients: a twisted, hard to follow plot, cool soundtrack (by Impala), a little bit o' nudity, and a timeless rock n' roll vibe, all shot in gloriously grainy black and white.

I still can't find it for sale anywhere, but sometime in the past year McCarthy posted it on Blip.tv, where you can view it online. I highly recommend checking it out, even if you can't watch the whole thing in one sitting (it's posted as chapters). You ought to check out his site too, Guerrilla Monster Films. It's got all sorts of nooks and crannies that you can get lost in, including videos he's shot for a number of bands (notably Guitar Wolf and the Oblivians), other films, McCarthy's comic work, and his own bands. Just close your eyes and click.

Impala - Odalisque at Gravel Sauce
The Oblivians - Cristina mp3 at Crypt Records
The Oblivians - Bad Man mp3 at Sucka Pants
The Oblivians - She's A Hole mp3 at Beware of the Blog
The Oblivians - Jim Cole mp3 at Beware of the Blog
Guitar Wolf - Missle Me mp3 at Spin.com
Guitar Wolf - Love Rock mp3 at Zana Bayne
The Makers - Matter of Degrees mp3 at Kill Rock Stars
The Makers - Red Headed Beatle of 1000 B.C. mp3 at Arf Lovers
Note: McCarthy has no connection with the above music, he has just worked with the bands at one time or another. Yeah, a weak tie-in.

Elvis Meets the Beatles - Get Backward mp3
at Guerrilla Monster Films
68 Comeback - Smack Dab (in the Middle), from Sore Losers mp4
at Guerrilla Monster Films
NOTE: Most of the film pages under the "Movies" drop down menu at Guerilla Monster Films have parts of the soundtracks, some as mp3s, and some as mp4s.

Teenage Tupelo at Blip.tv Once there, scroll down for the different chapters
Guitar Wolf - Invader Ace at YouTube
Guitar Wolf - Butobase (All Through The Night) at Blip.tv
The Oblivians - Leather at Blip.tv
Jim Dickinson - Down In Mississippi at Blip.tv
The Makers - Lover Lover at Blip.tv
River City Tanlines - at Blip.tv
Impala - Live at the Cigarette Girl premiere party at Blip.tv
Cigarette Girl trailer at Blip.tv
All above clips, videos and films directed by Mike McCarthy, except the Impala clip.

Guerrilla Monster Films - The World of Mike McCarthy

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