Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The mind boggles, yes it does. Every time I run across some drool worthy song that was recorded ages ago, I picture the musicians in some dank studio recording what they think could be a hit, or maybe just a throwaway instrumental, not even able to comprehend that someone fifty years later would be completely taken by it. It's weird enough thinking that it can even be stumbled on while browsing online. I'll say it again; any of you that grew up with music downloads have no idea what it's like to find something ultra-cool without so much as getting out of your chair for a piss break.
Here's a little contrast and compare exercise for you. The first three songs are Johnny Watson from the early days of his career ('53-'54), when he was known as Young John Watson (before he became Johnny "Guitar" Watson). "Space Guitar" is the one that got me in a tizzy, and the other two are mighty fine as well. The Hound Blog had these gems on his site, with over twenty others recorded between '53-'62, when Watson was 18-27 years of age. If your only exposure to Watson is his later funky brand of blues, you owe it to yourself to dig these and the others that the Hound posted. If you've never heard any of his stuff, boy are you in for a surprise. It seems like every blues artist goes through their own Electric Mud period, when they stray from their roots, trying to stay "current," and Watson is no exception. He's no slouch though, and even his later stuff is entirely worthy. In fact, Watson is probably better known for his later stuff. But, if you ask me...no, never mind. If you have to ask me which era I prefer, you haven't been paying attention.

John Watson - Space Guitar mp3 at The Hound Blog
John Watson - Gettin' Drunk mp3 at The Hound Blog
John Watson - Motorhead Baby mp3 at The Hound Blog
Much more early John Watson (20+) at The Hound Blog
Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Superman Lover mp3 at La Detente Generale
Johnny "Guitar" Watson - A Real Mother for Ya mp3 at Musik Kurier
John Watson - Excellent overview of his early career at The Hound Blog
Johnny "Guitar" Watson bio at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame

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