Wednesday, March 15, 2023


It's one of those things where you're looking for something and end up finding something else. In this case, I was trolling for Howlin' Wolf, specifically stuff on Chess where he really hit his stride. Amongst the songs was "Mr. Airplane Man" which reminded me of the duo of the same name who I hadn't heard in a few years. So, I went looking for stuff by Mr. Airplane Man, the band. I found a podcast with them playing and being interviewed. That's down there along with a handful from the Wolf. I tried to select some lesser known cuts but with "Mr. Highway Man" that goes out the window, particularly when it's an alternate version I hadn't heard. Now I'm off to check YouTube for Mr. Airplane Man to catch up with them. Never ends, this shit.

Howlin' Wolf - Mr. Airplane Man mp3
at Internet Archive Takes 1 & 2
Howlin' Wolf - Mr. Highway Man (alt) mp3
at Internet Archive
Howlin' Wolf - California Boogie mp3
at Internet Archive
Howlin' Wolf - Baby, Ride With Me (alt 3) mp3
at Internet Archive
The Legendary Lost Mr. Airplane Man Session! (Episode 249) - Heritage Radio Network
at Internet Archive 20 minute podcast.


espege said...

Just opened this blogpost, and I'm not shitting you, Tom; I had a dream last night which in large parts involved buying a Howlin' Wolf LP for a co-worker (who in real life almost certainly has no idea who the guy is, and actually - in-dream - I think I ended up rationalizing keeping it for myself).

It's that transatlantic ESP again.

:) espen

espen e. said...

From control room talkback at blooper break ca. 2:10 into Airplane man. "It's Okay baby, we'll do it again... Don't worry about it - you made a mistake in the other one anyway; Uh Wolf, an airplane man FLIES, he don't SAIL, motherf*cker..."


Tom G. said...

Crazy telepathy you got Espen! I'll see if I can tap into sumpin' tonight. Oh, and thanks for pointing out the comment on "Mr. Airplane Man". I forgot about it! "I said 'fly'. Okay, you want me to fly now..."

espen e. said...

Yeah! Can't help thinking the photo of Wolf with bottle perfectly underscores the scene; him still brooding over whether he really did say sail (to himself: "sail"? I'm sure I said "fly"... fxck that motherfxcker!).

Tom G. said...

You said it! The operable word: brooding.