Monday, September 1, 2014


Man, do I miss the old days. I saw a group of bikers near the beach today. Bikers, as in the old school, greasy, dirt under the fingernails, chopper variety. Filthy leather vests, boots, all the gear that used to invite shakedowns from the man. They used to be crawling all over the place. Nowadays, the only "bikers" you see around here are more likely to be straight professional types playing dress up for the weekend. It was refreshing to see the old guard. I think I may have even muttered "fuck yeah".

As serendipity would have it, once I got home I ran into the theme from "The Born Losers" at On the Flip-Side. The combination of these two events had me jonesing for a biker flick, hokey as they can be. I hit paydirt, seven old school biker flicks at YouTube, a good ten hours of don't hassle me, man fun. And, if you still want more, check the sidebar over there, there's a bunch. Apparently that's where they all ended up once the drive-ins closed down. And while we're on the subject, in case you didn't see them a year or so ago, there's links to the soundtracks of thirteen biker flicks below too.

The Sidewalk Sounds (Davie Allan) - Them From Born Losers mp3 at On The Flip-Side
Davie Allan & the Arrows - Cycledelic mp3 at Office Naps
Biker Soundtracks at The Big Bust Out - 13 full length LP downloads of biker movie soundtracks, in zip format. For the complete song listings, go to the Big Bust Out. I've just put those links down there for the lazy, hopped up, dropped out, filthy, sex crazed, aimless, leather clad hell heads that just don't give a damn about song titles.
Original Motion Picture Soundtracks:
Angels From Hell (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Born Losers (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Devil's Angels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Glory Stompers (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Hellcats (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Hell's Angels on Wheels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Hell's Belles (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Naked Angels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Outlaw Riders (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Psychomania (zip) at The Big Bust Out
Satan's Sadists (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Savage Seven (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The Wild Angels (zip) at The Big Bust Out
The movies:
 Old School Biker Flicks at YouTube Seven 

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