Monday, September 8, 2014


If you're into the Beach Boys enough to go beyond their discography, you know who Murry Wilson is. He was the father of Brian. Carl and Dennis Wilson, and he was a bit of an asshole. Though some of his behavior could be written off as well intended, you don't exactly get the Father of the Year award for hitting your son upside the head with a two by four. And that's just one incident. But even the victim in that incident, Brian Wilson, has acknowledged his fathers influence on his initial interest in music. But you cannot, as a dad, coast on that. You can't be going around swinging slabs of wood at your family. It's been a while since I've read Brian Wilson's autobiography, Wouldn't It Be Nice, but I remember coming away from it thinking Murry Wilson was a complete dick.

Beach Boys minutia nuts, this might interest you. Ten Murry Wilson related songs at Probe Is Turning-On the People (scroll down to "Session 496 - The Moody Moods of Murry Wilson); some he wrote, some he released under his own name, and a couple he wrote and produced for the Sunrays, a Beach Boys soundalike band. It's a slow download, but not painful, ten songs in a zip.

If that's too much hassle, you can listen to a shnockered Murry Wilson dropping by the recording studio to provide his unsolicited advice during the recording of "Help Me Rhonda". Oh, the hilarity that ensues. You gotta know all of the annoying and abusive behavior of Murry Wilson had a butterfly effect. I swear to God, if you listen closely, you can hear six Wilson you-know-whats drop all at once. Though, if that were the case they'd have to be called the Beach Men, and that just wouldn't work at all.

The Moody Moods of Murry Wilson - Ten mp3s in a zip at Probe Is Turning-On the People NOTE: Scroll down to "Session 496"
Murry Wilson butts in (12 min version) mp3 at Beware of the Blog
Murry Wilson butts in (40 minute version) mp3 at Beware of the Blog
Murry Wilson at Wikipedia

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