Monday, September 29, 2014


I got kind of freaked out a couple of hours ago. After watching a live video of the reformed Stooges (semi-recent stuff with Mike Watt on bass and James Williamson on guitar), I was thinking about doing yet another Stooges thing. Then I started thinking that they were like Chuck Berry to many of us, that familiar. almost too familiar. Here's where it gets hairy. I thought "Oh shit, there are probably kids out there, coming off like musical know-it-alls in their particular crowds, that don't have the slightest idea who Chuck Berry is." I had to calm myself, and that meant backtracking to my state prior to that perilous thought. So, Stooges it was.

I'm glad I did, because otherwise I wouldn't have revisited "Funhouse", the song from the album of the same name. A couple minutes into it it occurred to me that it's essentially loud, jerky, funky, jazz. You should check it out again, especially those of you who like the Stooges, but won't set a foot near jazz, What the fuck are you afraid of anyway? Some of it is crazier than anything from your safe harbor collection, Listen to that song, "Funhouse", particularly Ron Asheton's guitar, and keep in mind that he was a John Coltrane fiend, Steve McKay's sax is also worth isolating. After that, check that Eric Dolphy cut. They don't sound anything alike, but there is something that connects them. It's that "I know what I'm playing, I hope you know what you're playing. Meet you back here in a minute" thing.

If you don't even know the Stooges, for God's sake, would you catch up already? There's a couple of their popular favorites down there, and a lot more in older posts.

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