Monday, September 15, 2014


I'm not going to try to convince you rap and hip hop haters to loosen the hell up. We just listen to music differently. No big thing, your loss, and all of that. But one or two of you might dig these jams. It's some early rap, with an ESG chaser, because that's what I've been listening to for the past couple hours. Some of these you may have heard, but I bet it's been sometime since you really listened to them. Start with Kraftwerk fan Africa Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force, followed by the polished and repetitive, but still infectious, beat of Gramdmaster Flash and the Furious Five's "The Message". Next up is JJ Fad, genderless sass, with a beat. The sparseness of that one made me think of ESG, who really aren't rap, or no wave, or post punk, all of which they're sometimes lumped with, They're a whole different ball game. No one sounds like ESG.

Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force - Looking For the Perfect Beat mp3 at Plugged Not Thugged
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - The Message mp3 at ATumbr
JJ Fad - Supersonic mp3 at ATumblr The good stuff starts at :25
ESG - Erase You mp3 at DJ or No DJ
ESG - Moody mp3 at Loft and Lost
ESG- It's Alright mp3 at DJ or No DJ


Espen E. said...

Word, Tom! And I can assure you, Da E-Krew is as loose as they come!

Don't know if you've ever seen the band photo of NWA getting their box-fresh Nikes polished by a white guy, and there's a barefoot little blond kid on the shoeshine stand, eating watermelon? Well, that kid happens to bear a striking resemblance to our youngest gangsta, Kirill, and after having had this (jokingly) pointed out a couple years ago, he has since been convinced (despite being born close to 20 years AFTER that subtle social commentary was snapped) he IS that boy! Says he definitely remembers the photo shoot in NY, and is constantly rollin' on the floor in jerky fits of something he calls "breakdance". That's how crazy loose we are 'round these parts.


Never heard of ESG before, but listening now, I'm really diggin' it… and I'm pretty sure my baby momma (Missy A) is really gonna really dig 'em too!

Tom G. said...

Hey E!

Didn't know how a rap post would go over, but it's in my rotation at times so I decided "what the hell", the big reason is that when rap was first happening, before it was widely referred to as hip hop, it was the first new type of music with a movement all it's own, after punk rock, It was exciting, like another kind of punk rock, in DIY attitude and style, Of course NWA, and to an extent Public Enemy, pushed that attitude envelope. That first NWA LP still gives me the same feeling as "Never Mind The Bollocks", the good ol' "We're here, deal with it" so yeah, it figures that da E-Krew would be down with it!

ESG can be an aqquired taste. I litened to them of and on since their debut, but "Erase You", a later cut is by far my favorite.

Stay fly my man..