Monday, June 30, 2014


Okay, so there's this thing going around social media that friends are posting, encouraging people to post music rather then self absorbed ramblings, complaining, pictures of meals, cat stuff, i.e. the usual drivel. It's one of those things, "like this post and I'll give you a letter, then post a song by an artist with that initial". Innocent enough, right? Well, soul sister Lady Spinsta was dealt "E". and surprised the hell out of me by posting Duane Eddy's "Rebel Rouser". 

Duane Eddy was, and is, the poster boy of twang. I would imagine most of you know that. He made a career out of twang, with hits spanning four decades. Because I don't really know who visits here, in case you don't know him I'll lay this on you: Eddy was respected enough that when he resurfaced in the eighties, John Fogerty, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ry Cooder, James Burton, David Lindley, and Steve Cropper, all lined up to play on an album. All because of twang. Go figure.

About the songs: there's just a few below, but a link to about sixty or seventy at Internet Archive. (Once there, scroll down. There's two columns of mp3s, with the left column the better quality.) But before you split, you should really check a couple below. "Stalkin'", because it's about as baddass as Duane Eddy ever got, and "Your Baby's Gone Surfin'" because, despite having the oft present cheesy bacgkround vocals, Darlene Love was one of the vocalists and she really goes off at 1:53. "Twistin' Off a Cliff" is down there because it's a perennial party favorite.

Duane Eddy - Stalkin' mp3 at So Many Records, So Little Time
Duane Eddy - Your Baby's Gone Surfin' mp3
at So Many Records, So Little Time with Darlene Love

Duane Eddy - Twistin' Off A Cliff (streaming) at YouTube
Duane Eddy - Rebel Rouser mp3
at So Many Records, So Little Time written by Lee Hazelwood

Duane Eddy - Movin' n' Groovin' mp3 at Internet Archive
Duane Eddy - Detour mp3 at Internet Archive
All you can eat:
Duane Eddy - Dozens more mp3s at Internet Archive Streaming as well.

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