Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Here's a good one, to pad some rather unfortunate news. I ran into this song and wanted to post it as some sort of sideways tip of the hat to the Musik Kurier, a site I mentioned just a few days ago. It was because, although I'm not nuts about disco, I admire the fact that they were unashamed in their inclusion of the much maligned genre. Truth be told, the music they posted sometimes blurred the lines between straight disco and it's offshoots, be it funk, Latin, jazz or soul. It reminded me that all disco does not suck. It might not be my bag, but there is quality stuff of all sorts that ain't my bag.

Musik Kurier had just posted a huge dump of disco, and this was going to be a sort of cheeky "nice job," just because that's what it was. From a well rounded musical education standpoint, it was a helluva reference, whether you could stomach disco or not. Unfortunately, when I went there to get a url to link to, it was gone. Poof. I will post a link to it whenever, or wherever, it reappears. You can keep tabs on them via their Facebook page, Twitter, or their Mixcloud page.

So, anyways, here's good ol' crazy man Lee Perry. I say that with affection, because at this point in time he is kinda old, and you'd have a hard time convincing me that he's not at least a little crazy. But his track record as a reggae producer and singer is legendary. Though I know he's dabbled with EDM guys, I don't recall him ever going near disco. So 'phobes, you are safe. This is good solid old school style Lee Perry, with a rhythm you've probably heard before. It's seven and a half minutes of let yourself go.

Lee Perry & the Full Experience - Disco Devil mp3 at Evil Vince

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