Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Here's a couple mixes all up in your face. I'd been meaning to alert you to Spread the Good Word's Bloody Summer Mix, and had been putting it off; but I just ran into another mix that will go well with it. As some of you may know (because I mention him regularly) Reverend Tom Frost runs Spread the Good Word, and he's got some good taste. His mix is mostly old rock 'n' roll and surf, but with a lot of names you probably won't know. The other mix is rocksteady, over at Aquarium Drunkard. Why would I think that these two mixes would go together? Because there's only two kinds of music, good or bad. Sometimes that might mean authentic, or inauthentic. Sometimes they may overlap. So, okay, there's four types of music. Regardless, these mixes fall into the same category, whatever it is. It may seem crazy to you single discipliners, but it wasn't unusual to mix types of music (ahem) back in the day (here we go with that again...). Amongst pre-indie punk rock sort of kids, punk rock, reggae, and rockabilly were all on the table. I had a top ten, one of several in the second issue of a fanzine I put out (with the Zeros on the cover). It included Tapper Zukie, U-Roy, the Dils, and Gene Vincent, amongst others. And that wasn't unusual. So, viva what have you.

The Bloody Summer Mix has Johnny Horton, Johnny & The Hurricanes Al Casey, Annette ("The Battle Of San Onofre," Oh yeah, that ought to be rich), Benny Quick (the original version of "California Sun"), and a bunch of other names most of us don't know. (Think I'm kidding? How's about Darrell Higham and Bob Fryfogle? I didn't think so).

Aquarium Drunkard's Bomboclat! Island Soak 3 follows suit, only in a different genre; in other words, some names you'll know, and some you won't. Yeah, there's I Roy, Dennis Alcapone, and Slim Smith (which should be familiar to anyone who's dug past Marley, Toots, Cliff, etc.), but most of you won't have much in the way of King Sporty, or the Mohawks.

The Bloody Summer Mix 2012 at Spread the Good Word
Bomboclat! Island Soak 3 at Aquarium Drunkard (They don't like direct linking, so go there to get it)

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