Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Ever seen the movie Gran Torino? There are a more than a few instances in the movie in which Clint Eastwood's character, Walt Kowalski, growls quietly out of the side off his mouth, exhibiting extreme distaste, at times about to boil over. When I first started hearing about Smith Westerns, I ran into a link to this clip, that made me feel just like that; it just made me want to slap them. In every ensuing blog mention, I'd be thinking "Seriously kids (or puss cakes as Walt would say), grow a pair." But you know what? As much as they wouldn't have a career (short as it is), without a T.Rex template, these twerps have done a smart thing. I mean, who else is aping T.Rex right now? And how many kids in their demographic have even heard of T.Rex? Just as Walt Kowalski warmed up to the kid next door, I'll give them a pass. But, oh, if Bolan were still alive, I'd love to hear what he would have to say. Ehhhhh...

Listen, contrast and compare:
T. Rex - Bang A Gong mp3 at Electric City Horns
T.Rex - Jeepster mp3 at Why Prime
T.Rex - Metal Guru mp3 at
T.Rex - Rock On mp3 (via MediaFire) at Metal Bastard Goes Soft
T.Rex - The Slider mp3 at Said the Gramaphone
T.Rex - Solid Gold Easy Action mp3 at Get the Curse
T.Rex - Life's A Gas mp3 at The Rising Storm
T.Rex - Planet Queen mp3 at Art Decade
T.Rex - Mystic Lady mp3 at Fuck Yeah! Go Team! Best name ever for a blog
T.Rex - Cosmic Dancer mp3 at Butter Team
Mark Bolan - Pepsi mp3 at Wunschmaschinenklang (?)
Smith Westerns - Girl In Love mp3 at Draw Us Lines
Smith Westerns - End of the Night mp3 at Daydream Station
Smith Westerns - Weekend mp3 at Draw Us Lines
Smith Westerns Imagine (Part 3) mp3 (via at 69
Smith Westerns - Still New mp3 at Those Geese Were Stupefied

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