Friday, June 24, 2011


I love that photo above. They're kids, really, ranging in age from about 16 to 21. It was taken over thirty years ago, and looks as if it was on the set of The Outsiders. The photo is actually of two early California punk bands, the Middle Class and the Zeros; I'm guessing while on tour, or before a show. Oh, the shit these guys would see in ensuing years.

Both bands are active again. The last Zeros show was in January (I think), and the Middle Class are playing tonight, in just a few hours (after reuniting for the recent Frontier Records' 30th anniversary show). They're in what is sadly a class unto itself: first wave punk rock survivors. Just looking at that top photo and knowing that these two bands are still playing, and not just milking it, makes this old geezer stop and reflect. (Sniff, sniff.)

I think I've posted all this stuff before, but that photo up top (kiped from the Middle Class Facebook page) just got me going. Though none of the guys were full on innocents back then, they were relatively fresh from the garage (literally). And now, here we are thirty plus years later. Fuckin' A.

The Middle Class - Out of Vogue mp3* at 7 Inch Punk
The Middle Class - You Belong mp3* at 7 Inch Punk
The Middle Class - Situations mp3* at 7 Inch Punk
The Middle Class - Insurgence mp3* at 7 Inch Punk
*Direct linking disabled, go there to get them.
The Zeros - Wild Weekend mp3 at Che Underground
The Zeros - Wimp mp3 at Linux Enthusiats Group (?)
The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around mp3 at Fredeeky
The Zeros - Beat Your Heart Out mp3 at Che Underground
The Zeros - Main Street Brat mp3 at Che Underground
The Middle Class - Situations/Above Suspicion (live, recent) at YouTube
The Middle Class - Out of Vogue (live, recent) at YouTube
The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around/Wimp (TV show, 1977) at YouTube
The Zeros - 30th anniversary DVD trailer at YouTube
The Zeros - Lengthy bio at Che Underground
The Middle Class - Recent interview at L.A.Record (6/20/2011)
The Middle Class on Facebook
The Zeros on Facebook (fan page?)

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plasticsun said...

I saw the Zeros about a year ago - they were still great!